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The Ultimate Zip Up Hoodie – with “Hands Together” Pocket

Do you love a cozy hoodie but hate the on and off hassle of pulling it over your head? Well, you’re definitely not alone, and today, we are going to be talking about Constant Mountain and how they’ve created a hassle free solution for hoodie lovers.

Constant Mountain is bringing a new kind of jacket to everyone. Founded by a travel sports dad who loved wearing pull-over hoodies, but hated taking them on and off – he invented a jacket that has the best of both worlds – a full zip-up jacket that has an open pocket when zipped up.

As they say, Life is a Constant Mountain, and this company is on a mission to create innovative, high-quality products that enable customers to live their everyday lives with more ease and comfort. Their products are designed and made to last, providing use and value over the long term. Plus, they use sustainable materials as much as possible and ethically source from suppliers who respect their workers by providing a safe work environment, fair compensation, and adherence to local laws.

Even though Constant Mountain has many innovative, fashionable, and comfortable products, today we are going to be looking at the “Hands Together” jacket.

The idea for the “Hands Together” jacket happened on a chilly Saturday morning back in 2017 while the founder was watching his youngest daughter at soccer practice. The original goal was to just go and purchase a zip-up jacket that would wear like a pull-over hoodie – but they didn’t exist. Fast forward 3-1/2 years later and the idea was patented, then move forward another 2 years and Constant Mountain is ready to bring this game changing jacket to everyone. Once you try on this jacket, it is sure to become your new favorite.

What’s the best thing about a hoodie? The pocket! Constant Mountain developed and patented “Kangaroo” Pocket. It warms your hands with the “hands together” pocket that forms when the jacket is zipped. How does it work? The Constant Mountain Jacket also has a double zipper that engages the double zipper made exclusively for Constant Mountain to experience comfort of the patented hands together functionality. You can also use the secondary zippered side pockets to secure your stuff in the zip up secondary pockets or use them to warm your hands if you are wearing the jacket unzipped!

The extended sleeve cuffs with thumbholes keep your sleeves where you want them with the perfectly placed thumb holes on the extended sleeve cuffs. Fold back the cuffs for a shortened length cuff or keep them down for that cozy sweatshirt feeling.

What’s the second best thing in a hoodie? The oversized hood. This jacket has a three-panel hood with generous space to for comfort or fit your favorite hat underneath. Plus, this jacket helps you to brave the elements with the 3D Knit Scuba Exterior while the moisture wicking Jersey Mesh lining keeps you comfortable. Both fabrics employ One-Way Stretch Fabric that hugs around you but eliminates sagging and maintains its length.

You finally don’t have to struggle with the on and off of your favorite hoodies. With the Constant Mountain “Hands Together” Hoodie, you get to have both! So before you head out on your next adventure, check out Constant Mountain to get your new favorite hoodie.

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