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Cool Hiking Gear – 17 Cool Hiking Gear Products

Do you ever wonder what cool hiking gear comes out each year?


It’s honestly kind of crazy how many new brands and products hit the outdoor market each year. If you’ve ever been to Outdoor Retailer it helps to put it in perspective.


But, even for those that do attend OR each year there are always cool hiking gear from brands you miss. Lucky for you that is where we come in 🙂


At RY Outfitters our mission is to showcase innovative, ethically run startups in the outdoor space that are paying the future for the outdoor industry.


Below you will find our list of 17 Cool Hiking Gear Products that you’ll definitely want to check out. Enjoy!



17 Cool hiking gear brands

Bearded Brothers Bars

Bearded Brothers Bars

Bearded Brothers (beardedbros.com)

Next on our list of cool hiking gear involves food. The food you bring on your adventures is super important. That is why we included Bearded Brothers. Founded in 2011, they make their bars with an average of seven ingredients per bar. Their organic, non-gmo energy bars will Fuel Your Adventure. Not only do they taste great, but they are gluten & soy free, low glycemic, and are a great source of fiber and protein. Founders Chris and Caleb created Bearded Brothers because they were looking for a 100% organic energy bar with pure raw ingredients that would keep up with their lifestyle. Through the RY Outfitters Membership you can get 15% off all the Bearded Brothers bars you can eat.

Cool Hiking Gear Forsake Footwear

Forsake Footwear (http://forsake.com/)

We’re starting off the list with probably the most essential piece gear for hiking, shoes/boots. We have been following Forsake since their beginning. They’ve raised over $100,000 on kickstarter, which launched in November of 2012. They have come along way, but what makes Forsake stand out on our list of cool hiking gear startups is the fact that they have blended functional design with practical technology. Founders, Jake Anderson & Sam Barstow, wanted to address the issue that hiking shoes and boots are just too clunky and uncomfortable to wear all day. They didn’t want to pick between comfort, performance and style. That is how Forsake was born.

Cool Hiking Gear Grayl

Grayl (http://www.thegrayl.com/)

Grayl has created the world’s best purifer + filter bottle. It uses no chemicals and it takes a grand total of 15 seconds to purify and filter your water when you’re on the trail. Founded in 2013 by Nancie Weston & Travis Merrigan, and based in Seattle WA, Grayl made the list of cool hiking gear because of their innovation to the water filtration and purification market.  At 10.9 oz, the Ultralight uses Grayl’s French press-style system of pushing water from almost any source through its replaceable purifier cartridge. Clean, better-tasting water is available in just 15 seconds in what Grayl says, “may very well be the only water bottle that anyone, anywhere, will ever need”.

point6 socks

Point6 Hiking Socks (point6.com)

Regardless of the kind of hiking you are doing, you need socks that will protect your feet. That is exactly why we included Point6 on our list of cool hiking gear. Some may not consider them a startup, as they were founded in 2008 by the creators of SmartWool, Patty and Peter Duke. But with only 12 employees and such a high quality product, we couldn’t exclude them. Point6, which is named for 98.6 degrees F, utilizes only compact-spun Merino wool yarn — a much tighter yarn than ring-spun yarn — making for a much more comfortable and warmer sock. The wool is woven into a “matrix, or tic-tac-toe box,” says Peter, to create a form-fitting product. Get 25% off Point6 through the Reddy Team Membership. 

Cool Hiking Gear Renewal Workshop

The Renewal Workshop: (therenewalworkshop.com)

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest startups on the list of cool hiking gear. The Renewal Workshop’s goal and business is to end waste in the apparel industry. Did you know there 12.7 million tons of textiles end up in the landfill each year? TRW partners with the world’s best-loved apparel brands to bring their big piles to their factory where they’re refurbished to become renewed apparel. Why is this relevant to hiking? Because you can now help reduce what’s added to our landfills every time you buy a new base layer, jacket or whatever apparel you need to get outside! Check out their indiegogo video above.

Cool Hiking Gear GoTenna

GoTenna (http://www.gotenna.com/)

Have you ever heard of the hiker Aron Ralston? You might remember him from the popular movie 127 hours. Long story short, he was out in the backcountry by himself, got his arm stuck under a boulder and he had to cut it off to survive… OUCH!! I’m not saying that you should go out into the backcountry alone, but in case that scenario ever happens to you, you should pack the GoTenna. It is an antenna you pack in your bag which allows you to send texts and use GPS on your phone, no service required. Think of it as an advanced walkie talkie system. All you need is for someone to also have a GoTenna and you’re all set.

Dolfin Pack


DolfinPack (dolfinpack.com)

If you are an avid hike/outdoor enthusiast then you probably own a version of a Camelbak, right? We’ll even if you don’t, you should check out the DolfinPack which is perfect for all of you outdoor adventures. DolfinPack made the list of cool hiking gear because they made a more versatile hydration pack. You can take it in the water, and it won’t bounce up and down on your back, and is so form-fitting that you forget it was there. You can literally do anything with this hydration pack. Founded in 2014 by two friends who wanted to be able to bring water on all of their adventures without it being a hassle. Get your hands on one for your next adventure! You can also gain 20% off all of their packs through the RY Outfitters Membership.

Cool Hiking Gear Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe Sunglasses (https://treetribe.com/)

Ok, ok. I know sunglasses don’t really fall under the “cool hiking gear” category, but the reason we included them is because of their mission and focus on manufacturing quality products.  Their mission is to build a cool natural fashion brand that does awesome things for the planet. Their core values are NATURE, ADVENTURE, TRAVEL, and COMMUNITY. All of their sunglasses are made from wood and for every pair of sunglasses they sell, they plant 10 trees. Pretty dope right? Everyone could use a nice pair of sunglasses for their next hike; why not buy your next pair from a company that plants 10 trees for your purchase? Get 20% off Tree Tribe through the Reddy Team Membership. 

Boulder Denim (boulderdenim.com)

We included Boulder Denim on our list of cool hiking gear because, whether you’re hiking short distances or spending multiple days in the backcountry, you want your pants to be comfortable and built to handle anything you throw at them. Founded by Bradley Spence & Taz Barrett in Vancouver BC,  “it started as an obsession to find a comfortable pair of jeans that you could put on in the morning and wear cycling, hiking or climbing, and still look stylish for a meeting or night out.” We included Boulder Denim in our list of the best hiking gear startups because their jeans use elastic material that ensures maximum mobility. Their jeans are not only hyper-elastic, but are stain resistant and hydrophobic. They’re perfect for climbing, hiking, or just lounging around. I’ve had a pair for the past year and have worn them during long drives, out with friends, climbing Mount Washington in NH and so many other adventures. They are the most comfortable pair of jeans/pants I’ve ever worn. Use the RY Outfitters Membership To get 20% off all your orders on Boulder Denim. 

Cool Hiking Gear Cnoc Outdoors

CNOC Outdoors (www.cnocoutdoors.com/)

When it comes to hiking and camping gear, having ultra light gear is super important. Saving weight can really help you throughout your journey, which is exactly why we included CNOC on our list of cool hiking gear. “At Cnoc Outdoors, we make products we couldn’t find as users in the outdoors activity market. We make light outdoors gear, that is functional in a way we haven’t seen, and all at a reasonable price point.”

Cool hiking Gear Green Traveler

Green Traveler (www.mygreentraveler.com)

What is the best way to pack a lunch for a hike? Maybe a sandwich bag or maybe you just eat energy bars while you’re out in the backcountry? For those that like to eat a bit better while on the trail. We would highly recommend getting your hands on a Green Traveler. Green Traveler, is a California-based company that designs reusable, conveniently portable containers and accessories for food in everyday life. Our products can be used for anything you can imagine on any adventure, but they were designed for daily use when commuting to work or school. We included them on our list of cool hiking gear because of their mission to  improve the way we eat on and off the trial, while also cutting down on our waste. If you want to get your hands on a Green Traveler you can get 20% off through the RY Outfitters Membership.

Cool Hiking Gear Outdoor Elements

Outdoor Element (www.outdoorelement.com)

Most active hikers and campers know what a survival bracelet is. But how many survival bracelets have a fishing hook, braided fishing line, and fire starting tinder inside of the paracord. Pretty cool hiking gear right? “With about a year and a half of R&D we successfully developed market ready prototypes that were thoroughly field tested. During this journey we spent countless hours with CAD software, turned a drill press into an end mill, sacrificed several kitchen knives, super glued our fingers together, caught fish, and started lots of fires. We have met and corresponded with several vendors and have positioned ourselves for the next milestone.” If you want to check out all Outdoor Elements has to offer you can get 25% off their products through the RY Outfitters Membership.

Cool Hiking Gear Be Outfitter

Be Outfitter (https://beoutfitter.com)

We included Be on our list of cool hiking gear because their Tahquitz pack is awesome. I took mine backpacking through Europe and it was the only bag I needed for the entire trip. “In our exploits we found that we ourselves weren’t being catered to by existing outdoor products. We were in a gap that on one end centered around technical performance and lacked in approachability. The other end focused on a “cool” look yet was likely to fail in rough conditions. That didn’t fit us. We aren’t summiting the highest peaks but we admire performance gear. We like fashion but realize the difference between innovative design and shit that looks good. We aren’t professionals in anything, but we work to be well-versed in everything. We get out to make memories and we need the right gear that make these moments accessible.” Get your hands on a Tahquitz bag through the Reddy Team Membership and get 20% off!


Bulletprufe Denim (bulletprufe.com)

Listen, finding the perfect pair of pants for any adventure is a challenge. Let alone finding a pair that will stand the tests of time. That is exactly what Bulletprufe Denim created and exactly why we included them on our list of cool hiking gear.  “It all started five or six years ago when I couldn’t find any pants that could keep up with my active lifestyle and still looked good enough to wear day to day. I scoured the globe trying to source fabric that I thought might work and then got a local seamstress who specializes in making wedding dresses to make two pairs just for myself. To be honest they weren’t much to look at, but they were super comfortable and strong enough to last me more than a few weeks. Some friends asked if I could make some for them; so we made six pairs. Then more friends, so twenty pairs. Then fifty pairs…and it’s just grown.” If you are in the marketing for a new pair of pants you can get 25% off Bulletprufe through the Reddy Team Membership.

Cool Hiking Gear Liquid Hardware

Liquid Hardware (www.liquidhardware.com/)

In the market for a new water bottle? I would highly suggest Liquid Hardware. “Never Lose Your Lid. Magnetic. Every Liquid Hardware stainless steel bottle hides a rare earth magnet in its lid- a simple and effective way to ensure you Never Lose Your Lid. Just stick it to the ferromagnetic ring around the bottle’s top and take a swig. These patented precision crafted BPA-free bottles won’t leak, drip, or break. And unlike the billions of plastic water bottles that end up in the landfill each year, these reusable bottles are built to last a lifetime. Maybe two. And their clean, classic design will never go out of style.” You can even get 25% off through the Reddy Team Membership.

Cool Hiking Gear Natti Bar

Natti Bar (https://www.nattibar.com/)

Finding a reliable energy bar that isn’t filled with crap is kind of hard. Natti Bar makes that search a bit easier. Which is exactly why we included them on our list of cool hiking gear. “One night around the fire on a surf trip in Baja California, these two somehow ended up on the subject of bananas: the perfect nutritional food loaded with potassium and magnesium. They decided to create a great tasting, long lasting natural snack bar that they could feel good about eating and giving to their kids.” Give Natti Bar a try through the Reddy Team Membership and get 20% off.

Cool Hiking Gear Waymark Gear

Waymark Gear Company (waymarkgearco.com)

Having the right backpack for all your hikes and adventures is key. It can drastically change your experience.Waymark Gear is on our list of cool hiking gear because of their attention to detail and craftsmanship. “Waymark Gear Company® is an online outdoor gear company specializing in selling customizable, hand-crafted Heavy-Duty-Ultralight™ backpacks and accessories tailored to Thru-hikers, Section hikers, backpackers, and outdoor enthusiasts looking to drop pounds in your overall base weight. Our goal is to provide you the customer with a one on one experience creating your own unique pack that fits your exact needs and personality.” Get 20% of your Waymark pack through the Reddy Team Membership.


That concludes our list of Cool Hiking Gear – 15 Cool Hiking Gear Products. We hope that you found a couple new hiking gear brands to try. If you liked this list and you’d like to discover other lesser known brands/startups in the outdoor industry and gain discounts on their products then check out the


You can also hear the stories of many of these startups from the voices of the founders on the RY Outfitters Podcast.

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