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Cotz Sport SPF 45 Sunscreen

Cotz Sport Sunscreen is an active performance mineral sunscreen that is perfect for protecting both your face and body from those harmful UV rays. Cotz sport offers broad-spectrum SPF 45 protection and is truly chemical sunscreen free. This active performance mineral sunscreen is solely titanium and zinc Sunscreen and is oil-free as well. It’s unscented, rubs in easily, and doesn’t leave any of that horrible oily residue that you’ll find with some other screens. Cotz Sport is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes making it an incredible option when hanging out by a river, lake, or at the beach. On top of that their Sport sunscreen is reef-friendly so you can swim guilt-free! If you’re looking for a simple sunscreen that will do a fantastic job of protecting you from the sun, has minimal impact on the environment with all-natural ingredients Cotz Sport Mineral Sunscreen is a great option!
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