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Craft Sports Men’s Charge Sweat Hood Training Jacket | RY Outfitters First Look


Craft Sports Men’s Charge Sweat Hood Training Jacket

Enjoy training outdoors? Funny thing about exercising outside is you can never quite control the wear. Luckily, Craft Sports is all over that with their Charge Sweat Hood Training Jacket. This jacket (which is more of a hoodie in our opinion) is soft, warm, gives you full range of motion without any pulls. Do you truly want a simple and insanely cozy jacket to keep you going without missing a beat? Craft Sports has you covered.


  • Body in brushed soft jersey

  • Front in woven, wind-repellent polyester with tone-on-tone debossing

  • Fully lined hood in wind-protective woven polyester

  • Two zipped side pockets

  • Thumb grip at sleeve endings

 Fabric: 100% polyester

Stay comfy during even the most grueling workouts with Craft Sports Charge Sweat Hood Training Jacket

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