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Power Your Adventures – Effortlessly


Need a way to power your rugged adventures but can’t find the right kind of power station that can handle all mother nature throws your way? Whether you need to jump start a boat, charge your camera battery, or power your portable fridge, today’s spotlight is going to give you the answer to all your power problems.


Dakota Lithium is on a mission to power the passion of all adventurers. They take pride in crafting tools to help you make the most of your adventures by going farthing, lasting longer and playing harder. They create products that can double your runtime with twice the usable power of traditional batteries and move faster with 60% less weight, play harder with Dakota tough lithium iron phosphate engineering that is built for cold temperatures and extreme environments. Plus, they stand behind the work they do with a guarantee of Dakota Lithium’s legendary 11 year warranty


Even though Dakota Lithium can make an upgrade to just about every adventure you can think of, today, we are going to be talking about their Powerbox+ 60 Waterproof Power Station.It’s designed as a waterproof and submersible mobile power station for use in extreme environments. 


The Powerbox 60 is one battery to power many passions. Jump start a car or boat engine with over 1,000 cold cranking amps (CCA) of engine starting power. Power your devices and smaller appliances with 60 amp hours (768 watts) of deep cycle Dakota Lithium energy. Efficiently charge phones, laptops, camera equipment, TVs, monitors, portable fridges, medical devices, power tools, and more via the 2 AC wall plugs or the 6 USB ports. Connect jumper cables to the automotive grade battery posts to access up to 1,000 CCA of engine starting power or use the waterproof binder posts to run high amp applications like 12V trolling motors. 


And if that wasn’t enough, the all in one waterproof lithium battery is so light that it floats. Talk about lightening your load AND giving you more bang for your buck. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this Powerbox. Each Dakota Lithium Powerbox 60 includes:


  • Dakota Lithium Plus 12V 60Ah Dual Purpose 1,000 CCA Battery
  • 300 continuous, 600 watt peak DC to AC Inverter w 2 AC wall plugs + 4 USB plugs and smart power use display
  • Waterproof  and submersible (IP67) ruggedized Powerbox 60 military spec plastic case with shock proof battery cradle
  • Waterproof automotive binder posts for connecting trolling motors, jumper cables, or other high power applications while maintaining waterproof seal
  • Waterproof voltmeter for monitoring the battery power level & external USB C & USB A for connecting devices while maintaining waterproof seal
  • Internal ballistic nylon bag with 3 zippered pockets for waterproof storage of personal electronics when box is sealed
  • Removable, washable, anti-static silicone electronics tray for keeping personal electronics clean and safe while charging
  • 12V 10 Amp Dakota Lithium LiFePO4 battery charger

This power station is built by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, meaning it is built rugged and can handle any adventure that may come its way, rain or shine. So if you’re ready to take your adventures to the next level and power it with a PowerBox that delivers on all fronts, check out Dakota Lithium before you head out on your next adventure.


Get yours here: https://dakotalithium.com/product/power-box-12v-60ah-waterproof-dual-purpose-battery-and-solar-power-station/

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