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Sippable Stress Relief

Feeling the stress of the world lately? And are you ready to stop feeling the stress of the world? We live in the 21st century where everyone seems to be either burnt out or almost there. But how do people combat the stresses that come along with that? With Danodan Hempworks.

Danodan Hempworks is more than just a CBD company. Why? Because they’ve done all the research and have made products that are potent and more effective than other options. Some research suggests that hemp’s various compounds and cannabinoids working together, even at lower doses, are more effective than a single cannabinoid in higher doses. Hence the tagline: Danodan is More Than Just CBD!

They are passionate about making high quality products so they only use organic hemp flowers which is the most premium part of the hemp plant. These hemp flowers are steeped in organic vegetable glycerin, a slightly sweet, plant compound ideally suited for Danodan’s products. The result is an organic, water-soluble CBD tincture formulated to provide all the benefits hemp has to offer. 

They make organic hemp flower tinctures that support daily wellness. Most other CBD companies use harsh solvents or chemicals in their process to isolate CBD, but Danodan’s patented approach avoids these treatments in favor of a natural hemp flower infusion that preserves all of hemp’s beneficial compounds. So they’re proud to be organic and support organic hemp farmers whose regenerative practices support healthy soil.

Their range of organic CBD products are formulated to help manage occasional stress, support healthy sleep, and alleviate activity-related soreness. The result of Danodan’s hard work and research is an organic, water-soluble CBD tincture formulated to provide all the benefits hemp has to offer. And because each product is conveniently water soluble, any drink can be a CBD drink. Just drip, stir, and sip!

One of their most popular products, Danodan Calm  4 oz. Pump was formulated to help manage occasional stress and tension with ease. It’s a blend of Danodan’s flagship organic hemp tincture with organic extracts of ashwagandha, rhodiola, and reishi mushroom, resulting in a relaxing formula with over 30mg of hemp cannabinoids per serving. 

The convenient pump top eliminates the fuss and mess of measuring doses and provides an exact 2ml serving every pump. 

You know that morning cup of coffee that you sit there drinking that’s supposed to be relaxing, but you find yourself just stressing about the day? Well, with Dandodan Calm 4 oz Pump, you can easily enjoy it in coffee or tea to help manage or get ahead of daily stress and tension. Or if you rather, You can just take it straight!

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with the daily stresses. With Danodan’s Calm 4 oz Pump, you can stress relieving hemp within reach. So if you need help adapting to emotional and physical stress and combat fatigue we all occasionally feel, so you stay centered all day long.

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