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#226 NoSweat – Cultivating Culture & Introducing A New Concept. Chief Operating Officer David Holt Sharing His Story.






Whether you like it or not sweat happens.

No Sweat helps you deal with it so you can keep your eyes on the prize

To find out more about how NoSweat got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews NoSweat Chief Operating Officer, David Holt

More about the episode

No Sweat makes pads for hats and helmets designed to help keep sweat out of your eyes, a simple concept with a fairly niche use but it’s been received incredibly well especially for athletes.

No Sweat is an interesting brand with a REALLY interesting story and when I say that I mean really how that FIRST idea came about. But, even more so is David’s experience with all this. He originally came from the corporate world before jumping into the startup world and we actually got to a lot about the differences in culture between the two. NoSweat also has a particularly high profile ambassador program; something definitely has a lot more nuance to it than you might think. David also happens to be an investor and we talk about just looking at a brand when you’re involved in more than one way.

In this episode, we dive into cultivating brand culture, the different nuances of the startup world vs corporate culture, challenges with manufacturing (especially for sure a simple product), and marketing and finding the perfect people for your product, especially when introducing a relatively new concept.

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Show Notes/Timestamps:

  • 02:07 — Who are You? Who is David Holt?

  • 03:05 — “I have a unique perspective not only as an employee and executive but as an investor as well…”

  • 04:57 — What is NoSweat?

  • 07: 46 — How did you develop your products – dry lid technology? What testing went into it? What was that process like?

  • 10:04 — Were there any challenges in marketing this kind of product?

  • 15:12 — Have you looked into making some kind of reusable NoSweat?

  • 16:12 — What kind of culture exists in your organization? How do you promote this culture?

  • 19:02 — Work culture is shifting

  • 22:30 — Work shouldn’t be a cage

  • 24:24 — Could you walk us through the process of creating and managing a high profile ambassador team?

  • 28:03 — Do you have any plans of developing beyond your current product?

  • 31:09 — What is NoSweat’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing?

  • 33:15 — What are some of the biggest mistakes you have made you’ve made along your career

  • 37:47 — What advice would you give to someone that wanted to start a business?



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