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Delilah Home Organic Cotton Bath Towels & Hemp Bed Sheets

Delilah Home makes Sustainable and Organic Cotton Bath, Kitchen, and Beach Towels, as well as Organic 100% Hemp and 100% Cotton Bedsheets. What really sets them apart is their certified quality and commitment to responsible manufacturing and truly producing chemical-free, higher quality, longer-lasting, and more luxurious towels.

Delilah Home also happens to be certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard which is the highest textile standard. Their products are certified Vegan and as an added bonus they partner with 1% For The Planet, Humane Society, Rotary International.

Delilah’s European-crafted, pure bliss towels are made of 100% organic cotton and have a 700 Gram Thread Count. They’re luxurious, plush, and soft to the touch but also stitched and styled to look as great as they feel. They’re made with long-staple, 100% organic Turkish cotton that’s spun into fine yarns and loomed to create a final product that’s pretty hard to beat in quality. They also come in 5 soft colors to choose from which can help you match with just about any bathroom style.

Delilah’s Hemp Bed Sheets are undeniably stylish, sustainable, organic, super breathable, and lightweight making them cool and inviting in the summer and cozy and warm in the winter. These award-winning soft and luxurious sheets made from 100% organic hemp delivers an unparalleled experience in sleep and relaxation.  

The texture of these sheets are similar texture to linen though I’d say slightly softer and is 50% thicker than most sheets and with a 180 thread count. They’re even Recommended by the Wall Street Journal as “Worth the Splurge Bed Sheets” They also happened to be winners of the 2021 Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Award. These sheets are available in 4 different colors so if matching is something important to you that shouldn’t be a problem at all. 

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Delilah Home’s Organic Cotton Bath Towels & Organic Hemp Bedsheets

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