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Deviation Skis & Snowboard Works

Deviation Skis & Snowboard Works: 100% custom, HANDMADE skis & snowboards in Portland OR.

ESTABLISHED 2012 – FOUNDER Matt Hillbert – EMPLOYEES 10 – LOCATED IN Portand ORegon.

THE STORY OF Deviation SKIS & Snowboard works:

Deviation offers 100% custom, high-performance skis & snowboards handcrafted in Oregon from locally sourced raw lumber. Our location affords us access to some of the most knowledgeable woodworkers on Earth, allowing us to fine-tune the flex and response of our models with exotic, hand-laminated wood blends. With one of Mother Nature’s most varied testing grounds right in our backyard, every one of our skis and boards is run through the full gamut of conditions from windblown ice to waist-deep powder. Fully customizable artwork available on every model means you can choose from any graphic in our gallery, submit your own, or even work with one of our artists to create your one-of-a-kind dream setup.

Deviation Ski and snowboards

Design is a journey of discovery. At Deviation, we believe that your journey of discovery begins with the perfect slide tool. That’s why we go the extra length to ensure the pair of skis or board we make for you is yours from the core on out, entirely unique with your name underfoot to prove it. Your Deviation skis or board are made just for you – you choose your model, your flex, your base, and your top sheet design. We call this Made by Me™ and it’s how we take a craftsman’s approach to every ski that heads out the door from the Deviation Ski & Snowboard Works.

When we started Deviation we noticed you get to choose what your outerwear, gloves, and goggles look like, so why settle for only one option when it comes to your skis or board? Each piece of gear we press can be personalized with any of our standard graphics in addition to your choice of graphic sets in our Artist Gallery for no additional fee. From minimalist to serene to psychedelic chaos, there’s something to fit every taste.


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