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Healthy, Fast and Delicious on the Go

Tired of eating the same old boring trail food on your adventures because you just need something fast, healthy and easy? Having healthy meals on the go can be a challenge, but with Dr. Cowan’s all-organic, nutrient-dense vegetable powders, pantry products, and pasture line make healthy eating fast, easy, and delicious.

Over the last three decades, Dr. Cowan’s Garden has helped people like you heal through diet and natural medicines. Their line of Vegetable Powders, Pantry Products, and Pasture items are here to help you with just that. All of their products are beyond organic, carefully curated, and grown domestically in the U.S. by Small Family Farms (or Sustainably Foraged), boutique manufacturers, and master craftspeople.

Dr. Cowan’s Garden offers beyond organic products that make healthy eating simple and delicious. This health forward company started with a line of beyond organic vegetable powders to make it easy and convenient to eat a wider variety of vegetables daily to increase health and vitality. Since then, their family and product offerings have grown. They continue to develop exciting new products, including an ever-expanding line of vegetable powders, pantry items, and pasture items.

Plus, their powders are great for people who travel and don’t have much time to cook, and creative cooks who want to experiment with different flavor profiles but don’t want to pack all the gear. One teaspoon of vegetable powder is equivalent to an average serving or 1/2 cup freshly cooked vegetables or 1 cup raw leafy greens). So no more lacking veggies while on your adventures!

Although Dr Cowan’s has a wide variety of products to help you have a healthier life without the hassle, today, we are going to be looking at 3 of their products. The Organic Three-Beet Vegetable Powder, Certified A2/A2 Ghee, and Organic Peanut Butter.

First, let’s take a look at the Organic Three-Beet Vegetable Powder. This fiber rich powder is biodynamically grown and then made by using all parts of the plant so you can use all the nutrients the beet has to offer!

Three main therapeutic uses and benefits for the common beet include: The abundance of betaine that can help with liver and gallbladder function, high iron content to help with anemia, and nitric-oxide precursors to help regulate blood pressure. It comes in a miron violet glass jar for longevity and vitality so you don’t have to worry about it getting weird.

Next is the Certified A2/A2 Ghee. It’s triple clarified to remove casein to be easier on your body. Plus, it’s made from pasture-raised cows from a small family farm where the whole herd is genetically tested to be A2/A2, which is known to be the best for lactose intolerant people.

And last but certainly not least is the organic Pecan Butter. It’s made from soaked and sprouted organic nuts that are low temp dried to be super crispy and then blended with local wild honey and organic coconut oil for spreadability, nutrition, and flavor.

Being healthy while on the go doesn’t have to entail those boring trail snacks anymore. If you’re wanting high quality, sustainably sourced, and nutrient dense food to take with you on your next adventure, you might want to give Dr Cowan’s a try.

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