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Drysure Extreme

Heated boot dryers can warp the footbed or your boots especially if you had your boots heat molded. After drying when you bang your foot into your boot you can flatten the footbed. On top of that, they need some kind of electricity or batteries, with Drysure this is not the case at all. Drysure makes boot and footwear dryers that dry boots and shoes fast, without heat, electricity, or batteries. Their Drysure Extreme is a particular godsend for any daily skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and outdoorsy people of all kinds. It’s a straightforward, simple option to make sure that you aren’t sticking your foot into a chilly swamp in the morning before heading to the hill. It’s easy to set up and small enough to make it’s weight and size fairly negligible when traveling. If you value your comfort and maintaining your boots for as long as you can then investing in a Drysure (which isn’t very expensive) is more than worth it and would pay for itself in no time.

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