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Eccosophy Travel Towel + Beach Blanket | RY Outfitters Spotlight


Eccosophy Travel Towel + Beach Blanket | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Eccosophy’s microfiber travel towel is highly absorbent (able to absorb 3x its weight in water), odor-free, quick-drying, lightweight (only 14oz), and most importantly sand-free! Since it’s a microfiber towel, it doesn’t cling to sand which can be the absolute WORST when you bring a towel to the beach. Their towels are 71 x 35 inches. it’s ideal for showers, the beach, yoga, gym, camping, festivals, sporting events. Apart from being a super effective towel, the designs for each of their towels are extremely gorgeous and each one is named after a dream vacation location. The designs themselves are super eye-catching and if you’re headed somewhere special it could be a really thoughtful thing to take with you to underline your time in a place that means a lot to you. 

Eccosophy’s beach blankets are equally incredible and can make your beach experience way more enjoyable.  They are made using ripstop parachute nylon, which means they don’t get hot, dry in minutes, and are puncture-resistant, plus they come with a set of stakes to help keep your towel from flying away. Whether you’re looking for a solid beach blanket or a new towel– something that will keep you from getting too sandy, is great for travel, and just looks beautiful, Ecosophy is definitely worth checking out!

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