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Embracing the Great Outdoors: A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Camping Gear

More than 40 million Americans go camping at least once a year.

Why don’t more people go camping? First of all, it’s not always easy knowing what camping gear to buy. Second, some people fear wasting money on gear they didn’t need.

With 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, going to the great outdoors couldn’t be a more appropriate distraction from the state of the world. In fact, 2021 is shaping up to be a more mobile and controlled year.

Before you embrace the great outdoors in 2021, you’ll need the gear. Keep reading to find out the best camping gear for your needs!

Sleeping, Eating, and Drinking

The tent goes without saying, but check you have stakes, ground cloth, and guylines if your tent doesn’t have them built-in. An absolute essential is a sleeping pad and sleeping bag, even if you’re sleeping in a tent.

Bring as much water as you can, as well as water purification tablets or systems. You’ll also want to bring portable water bottles so you don’t need to bring your stockpile with you everywhere you go.

You’ll need a pan that can handle open flames as well as bringing cookware like spatulas. You’ll also need fire starters and a bit of practice using them.

Biodegradable soap is great for keeping up with hygiene, cleaning cookware, and reusable utensils like plates and bowls.

Emergency Electronics

You’ll need headlamps, or at least a flashlight, for every person. This will make things much more convenient, safe, and speed up cooking and cleaning as the sun goes down.

A hand cranking or solar-powered radio is a must-have in case of emergency announcements like forest fires.

If you feel you need your phone or GPS, a solar charging portable battery with essential cords can keep you going. Offline GPS also helps to make sure you won’t get lost in the wilderness. That said, there’s no substitute for a paper map.

Camping Clothing and Tools

Camping gear and camping clothes aren’t only t-shirts and shorts, although it could be if you’re lounging around at a KOA.

Going wild means you’re better off with cargo pockets, and approach or hiking shoes. There’s no need for trail shoes or heavy-duty boots in most cases.

A good all-purpose knife, Swiss army knife, and hatchet can do wonders. There’s no need for a machete and generally fewer opportunities for an ax than you would think.

Don’t forget a sturdy backpack too to keep all your essentials.

There’s only one more thing that every backpack needs in it: a complete first aid kit. Burns, cuts, scrapes, and worse can all happen when you’re in the wild. Don’t go unprepared, and make sure nothing in the kit has expired.

Camping Gear Essentials

Practice makes perfect with essential camping gear. But it isn’t only essential to bring tools with you. You can also bring thousands of years of know-how, too.

Thankfully, RY Outfitters has you covered with camping gear and travel discounts, along with podcasts to help you on your adventures.

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