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Enviromedica is an innovative natural health and wellness company that applies science-based evolutionary theory to help you reach optimal health. They create premium products that support the body’s ancestral biology in our world of modernization. Combating the negative impacts of the modern world, Enviromedica is creating natural health solutions based on ancient methods using today’s science

Through the principles of evolutionary medicine, Enviromedica is using the methods that kept our ancient ancestors at optimal health and translating that through modern medicine to make it even better. Our ancestors were exposed to what they needed to maintain a balanced and healthy gut, but in our world of modernization and hyper sanitation it’s nearly impossible to achieve optimal health without additional support.

To bring balance to the gut and achieve optimal health, Enviromedica created the TerraFlora Daily Care Synbiotic. This Synbiotic contains both antibiotics and prebiotics that are designed to survive digestion until they make it to the lower GI tract – where it’s needed the most.

TerraFlora Daily Care Synbiotic is a non bloating food based blend that contains naturally occurring ingredients to strengthen healthy intestinal flora and support the integrity of the gut lining.

The best part about the TerraFlora Daily Care Synbiotic is that it’s shelf stable. Meaning, unlike most other prebiotics and probiotics, it does not have to be refrigerated. This is really important if you travel a lot or forget to take your refrigerated meds because they aren’t stored with your other medications. The shelf stable nature of this symbiotic means you can just pack it in your bags if you’re going on a vacation or a work trip. Plus, the TerraFlora Daily Care will help protect your gut from the ominous traveler’s stomach.

Achieving optimal health is simplified with the TerraFlora Daily Care Synbiotic. Not only is it allergen free, but it also contains two strains of synbiotics which makes it more easily absorbed and used by the body.

Having a healthy gut is the foundation of achieving optimal wellness and gut health and Enviromedica has taken the guesswork out of it. With the TerraFlora Daily Care Synbiotic, you’ll balance your gut and then be well on your way to optimal health.

Start your personal evolution today.

TerraFlora Daily Care Synbiotic

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