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Essential Camping Supplies You Can Find At The Dollar Store

Before you head out on your next big outdoor camping trip, check out our list of supplies you can find at the dollar store! It may be surprising, but the dollar store has many useful supplies that you’ll want at your campsite that could cost you a lot more elsewhere.

Here is our list:


  1. Aluminum Foil – Aluminum Foil is essential for cooking while camping. Easily prep meals beforehand and use our blog (blog link) for recipe ideas. These meals make for an easy cleanup and are delicious!

  2. Clothespins/ Clothesline – SO useful for hanging up clothes to dry and to keep towels out of the mud.

  3. Dish rags/ Sponges – Pick up a few for your trip that you can throw away on your way home. Then you don’t have to worry about them getting super dirty or having to clean them after. 

  4. Bottled Water – Bottled water is always a must when camping. You can use it for cooking, drinking, bathing, cleaning, etc! 

  5. Dish Pan – Not just for washing dishes!  Place a dishpan next to your tent or camper door.  Fill it about 1/3 of the way with water.  Rinse dirt and sand off of feet before heading inside!

  6. Hand Soap/ Hand Sanitizer – Hand soap if you have access to running water, or you can use your water bottles as running water. 

  7. Tissues/ Baby Wipes – Baby wipes can be used for so many different purposes! Wipe down tables, hands, feet, etc! And tissues are definitely a must.

  8. Door Mat – Place a doormat at the door to your tent to wipe off shoes and feet before walking on sleeping bags. 

  9. Paper Products – Pick up some paper towels, paper plates, and paper cups to make clean up super fast and easy. Even better if your campground recycles paper waste.

  10. Hair Ties – Always useful to have extra hair ties around for those with long hair. 

  11. Tablecloth – When you arrive at your campsite you may find your picnic table to be quite dirty and sometimes sticky (yuck). Simply put down a disposable tablecloth to keep away the dirt and to also make your cleanup super easy. 

  12. Glow Sticks – Not just for fun after dark, glow sticks increase your kids’ visibility as well.  Keep track of them even after the sun goes down with glow sticks.

  13. Tools – Whether you’re pitching a tent or tinkering with something on the RV, having a set of basic tools in your camping gear is a smart idea.

  14. Travel Toiletry Bottles – Small and easy-to-manage bottles with your shampoo and other soaps are convenient for campground bathroom trips.

  15. Toilet Paper – Self-explanatory.  Make sure if you are in an RV you get RV toilet paper.  Yes, it’s different than standard bath tissue and no, you probably won’t find it at the dollar store.

  16. Basic Toiletries – Great idea to stock up on miscellaneous health and beauty products.

  17. Cooking/Grilling Utensils – We have a set of cheap utensils in the camper.  If they get ruined or dropped in a campfire, no big deal.

  18. Matches – If your planning on grilling or starting a campfire, you’re going to want to stock up on plenty of matches. 

  19. Trash Bags – Always clean up your campsite and take your litter with you!  Almost all campgrounds have a dumpster or trash can area where you can leave your bagged trash as you head out.

  20. Ziploc Bags – Not just for food, these plastic bags double as wet bags!  Perfect for packing wet clothing in before you head home.

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