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Explorer Coldbrew

Are you tired of having to pay $5+ for your favorite coffee and having to wait in long lines to get it? Well, we finally have the answer to this question: Explorer Cold Brew. They are completely changing the game in at-home coffee.

Explorer is a Brooklyn-based and proudly LGBTQ owned small business founded by the 5th youngest person to climb to the top of Mount Everest and the seven summits while raising awareness for LGBTQ suicide prevention. As the Chief Exploring Officer, Cason strives to bring the best of coffee to your home. 

With a team of experts, Explorer brings a hand-crafted, highly customizable, mixology-like coffee experience directly to your doorstep. It’s a Bartender plus Barista kind of thing! Plus, Explorer has a charitable partnership with Charity Water.  For every box of Explorer Cold Brew purchased, they fund clean water access for someone in need for an entire month.

Explorer’s suite of products include 4 award winning cold brew concentrates, flavor & functional elixirs, and chai that empower anyone to make cafe-quality drinks at home in seconds. Right now, we are going to be talking about their Cold Brew, Flavor Elixir, Functional Elixir Bundle. This bundle is going to help you make your favorite barista-style coffee drink at home, in seconds – plus with an extra functional bonus. 

The cold brew is the base of this bundle. It’s crafted from organic beans that originate from Ethiopia and Peru. Explorer takes great pride and care to make sure that their award-winning cold brew is made with only fair trade and specialty- grade ingredients. This 10x cold brew concentrate is offered in 4 caffeine levels: Reg Caf (100mg/oz), Extra Caf (150mg/oz), Low Caf (50mg/oz) and No Caf (0-2mg/oz). So whether you like extra, regular, low or no caf in your coffee, with this bundle you get to choose!

The really awesome thing about this cold brew is that you can make it either iced or hot! So whether you’re wanting to do the “sip and swirl” with an iced coffee or wrap your hands around a warm mug, this is perfect either way! To make, just add 1 oz of cold brew concentrate to 4 oz of water or milk.

In the Cold Brew, Flavor Elixir, Functional Elixir Bundle, you’ll get four different flavor options: . Madagascar Vanilla, Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel, Roasted Turkish Hazelnut, or Crushed Candy Cane! These all-natural premium coffee flavoring syrups pack a punch and take your cold brew from delicious to next level satisfying your coffee craving. 

The third and final piece to the Cold Brew, Flavor Elixir, Functional Elixir Bundle, is the functional elixir. The functional elixir is an adaptogenic tincture to really elevate your day! You have 5 different options when it comes to the functional elixirs: Focus, Relax, Immunity, Please, and Sleep. Focus is designed to promote clarity. Relax is designed to promote calm. Immunity is designed to promote health. Pleasure is designed to promote fulfillment. And last but certainly not the least, Sleep is designed to promote rest. 

So if you’re wanting coffee that can help you REST. Get the no caff caffeine level and the Sleep Functional elixir and end your nights with a cup of delicious coffee! 

Explorer truly offers a full suite of products that empowers you to be your own barista, in seconds. Getting the barista-quality drinks doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore. So if you’re wanting high quality coffee that lets you choose the caffeine level, flavor, and functional quality, it’s time to ditch the mermaid lady and give Explorer a try. Plus, every time you purchase a box from them, they support clean water access for someone in need for an entire month. 

So with Explorer, your coffee drinking habit can actually help someone in need. Order your bundle today.

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