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EZPack JerryFlex

EZPack’s JerrFlex is the ultimate replacement for hard structured jerry cans. For the unfamiliar, a jerry can is essentially just a large water container, used in emergency situations or just for keeping a steady source of lifegiving water on hand. For outdoor enthusiasts engaging in sports and activities where you might be away from potable water having a jerry can be game-changing. The JerryFlex is extremely durable and can withstand rugged adventures in the backcountry, It has a faucet attachment to make filling water bottles synch and can even be outfitted with a hose. A simple strap system makes it extremely easy to keep secure on moving vehicles or even to use as a backpack for short distances (water tends to be heavy so this isn’t something you’d want to take on a hike). Best yet, once it’s empty it is extremely lightweight and can be collapsed to be fairly compact and stored easily. Whether you’re camping, biking fishing, hunting, surfing, or just staying outside for extended periods of time, the JerryFlex is the ultimate water storage option to bring on your next adventure.

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