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F-Stop Ajna 40L Adventure Travel Camera Backpack | RY Outfitters First Look


Ajna 40L Adventure Travel Camera Backpack

The F-Stop AJNA 40L pack is a camera backpack geared towards adventure travel, which makes sense because it’s part of their mountain series. It weighs about 3.75 lbs and is carry-on compliant in case you plan on flying (let’s face it, you wouldn’t be getting this pack if that wasn’t the case). One of the remarkable details of this bag is it’s designed to have all primary gear compartments accessible when resting on the ground. This is particularly helpful because it makes it easier to organize your gear when you know how to access everything as it’s set up the way it’s supposed to. Storage is in no short supply on this bag, and it even comes with a modular ICU to better organize your camera equipment.

This bag is form-fitting, Comfortable, and easily adjustable. It has Padded shoulder straps and back panel,  Hip and chest straps, and an aluminum Frame for Back Support. This is as technical as you can get without leaving the sphere of a technical camera backpack. It sits right in between that perfect realm of professional photography and adventurer. This pack is absolutely incredible for any professional or amateur adventure photographer and honestly just makes for an incredible trekking pack as well. If you do a lot of technical outdoorsy things this is a pack that can take you a long way.

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