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FitMyFoot 3D Printed Custom Insoles

FitMyFoot makes Insoles are designed to combat plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee, hip, and back pain. What really sets them apart is that they’re 3D printed and eat pair is specifically made for your foot. Insoles are basically a necessity to me but, it’s not something I get as much as I probably should. Regularly getting them can be a hassle and you probably aren’t getting new ones as soon as you should because of it especially, if you’re on your feet often or are a serious runner. The way Fit My Foot works all starts with their app.  You can find it on the app store (look for foot.science). Once you log onto the app, you will be directed to make an account and then it will walk you through the process of scanning your feet to get the profile of your foot.

You are completely in control of your destiny with this. You know your feet better than anyone and you are the expert here. You just properly scan your feet and let technology do the rest. FitMyFoot is completely changing foot wellness and it’s an important thing, a lot of aches and pains start with your feet. Having this kind of accessibility with this kind of precision is a truly amazing thing. If you want to seriously jack up your comfort level or help out with that nasty back pain or posture FitMyFoot could be a life-changer.

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