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FATMAP’s goal is to help people explore the mountains with more confidence while also helping you find, create and share your adventures in the outdoor community. FATMAP is available as an app and on the web, giving you access to an extremely high-resolution 3D map of the whole world, with both summer and winter imagery, and a myriad of layers to help you navigate the outdoors and backcountry more easily and safely. 

At its core, FATMAP is an app and web platform giving you access to 3D winter maps and 3D fly-throughs of routes and adventures. Not only does FATMAP give you a birds-eye view of mountains, trails, side, and backcountry zones, it also includes adjustable overlays to get a better look at aspect, avalanche danger, distance, and elevation just to name a few.  When it comes to planning, FATMAP gives you every single bit of knowledge you need to find that perfect adventure at any level. You can also download maps offline, which is a godsend considering wifi isn’t always a guarantee when you’re headed off-trail. 

Heading out into the backcountry can be a fairly dangerous thing no matter what your skill level is and that’s why safety and confidence in the outdoors are at the forefront of FATMAP vision. To help mitigate some of that risk FATMAP added ‘live snow’ updates currently available for the continental US. They’re also in the process of building a way to view snow depth and fresh snow as well as weather forecasts all coming soon for North American maps. Beyond Awesome interactive maps, FATMAP also has a robust community behind it of users and outdoor enthusiasts sharing their favorite lines and trails. Not only can you look up new routes that people recently conquered, you can also record your own routes and upload them to the community.

FATMAP Explore is the premium version of the app (US$29.99 annually). It gives you access to custom terrain tools, unlimited offline map downloads, and discounts with brands such as Salomon, Mammut, Faction, Mons Royale, Zoleo, and many more great companies. In addition, for every FATMAP Explore membership purchased, you’re making a contribution to a better planet with sustainability partners and initiatives such as Protect Our Winters and 1% For The Planet.

When it comes to safety, people underestimate the power of a good map especially when you’re branching off on your own adventures. On the flip side of that, I’m sure you want to be able to try new things to shake things up and keep things interesting. Well, FATMAP lets you do exactly that.

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