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FeetUp Inversion Trainer

FeetUp makes an inversion trainer designed to Safely experience inversions without putting any pressure on your head, neck, or spine. It was originally created for inversion movements for yoga but it has a ton of uses beyond just perfecting your headstand. The FeetUp Trainer will help you master inversions safely and easily within minutes making sure you have the proper alignment, comfort, and support. It gives you the tools to safely build strength for inverted movements while helping to build flexibility and balance…definitely balance…and ultimately leading to better Increase body awareness and control. Plus, it’s great to shake things up and add some movements and exercises you wouldn’t normally include otherwise.

The FeetUp Trainer also comes with an asana support poster featuring 100+ unique exercises to inspire your daily practice, a FeetUp Practitioner’s Manual – including Your First Inversion Guide, and an assembly kit with all the hardware & tools you’ll need (it only takes about 5 minutes to put together). You can also get some extra guidance with FeetUP’s companion app for the FeetUP Trainer.  Their training app helps give you some direction from high-quality instructors, every week. Having the extra help or nudge in the right direction on this is awesome for setting goals and staying consistent. Get a FeetUp Trainer and add some perspective to your yoga practice!

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