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FIREMAPLE Fixed Star 2 Cooking System | RY Outfitters Spotlight

FIREMAPLE Fixed Star 2 Cooking System

Fire Maple is a company laser-focused on outdoor cooking gear, with 18 years honing the cooking tools to set you up for success.

They also happen to be an ISPO Gold Winner three times over! With their dedication to cooking equipment and innovation, you know you’re getting the best quality product and an affordable price. They believe that making your meals outdoors should be as simple and easy as the meals you make indoors! And honestly? I kind of do too…

Whether you’re building out your cooking setup or looking for the “quiver killer” of cooking gear this is a great place to start. This super-compact, durable, all-in-one system is essential to add to your outdoor gear.

Fire Maple combined a 1-liter cooking pot and the stove into one single unit, making it easier to store and tote with you. It only weighs 21.2 oz, and folds up to take up very little room when packing. It even comes with a folding pot support that attaches directly to the stove and is completely compatible with traditional pots, pans, kettles, or other camping cookware.

Not only is the Star X2 Cooking System a dream for portable/rugged cooking, it also brings water to a boil 30% faster than a traditional camping stove. After a full day outdoors, getting something warm and nutritious into your system fast is important and probably going to be the only thing on your mind! The x-factor here is the pot is made of anodized aluminum, which conducts heat ultra-fast. 

This Star X2 is built to be used successfully anywhere without worry! The handle is incredibly sturdy, and will not wobble on you as you use it! The pot also features water level measurement lines inside to help make your meal prep as easy as possible! 

Look, outdoor cooking can be a make-or-break thing, and being unprepared with the wrong tools can really make things turn sour. Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors for the day, picnicking or tailgating, or if you’re out there for a few days really immersed in nature, the Fire Maple Fixed-Star 2 Personal Cooking System is just what you need to add to your packing list.

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FIREMAPLE Fixed Star 2 Cooking System

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