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FireCreek Snacks Stix Sampler Pack | RY Outfitters Spotlight

FireCreek Snacks Stix Sampler Pack

FireCreek Snacks Stix are better-for-you protein snacks made from a blend of beef & pork complemented with proprietary spices to deliver a bold flavor that will help make snack time your favorite time of day. Although the flavor is king, ingredients matter! That’s why FireCreek Snacks makes sure that they keep the meat as the stars of the show.

Their Snack Stix contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives, just premium quality beef & pork and top notch spice blends. They’re all-natural, MSG-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free too!

What really makes FireCreek Snacks stand out is that their snack sticks actually taste like meat to deliver a combination of exceptional taste and texture with clean ingredients. They’re also one of the ONLY protein snacks made with real hickory smoke instead of liquid smoke.

FireCreek Snacks Stix Sampler Pack includes all four of their fantastic flavors; Original, Kicker, Teriyaki, Sweet Heat BBQ. Their Original Recipe Snack Stix are perfect if you’re looking for something simple and clean and if you want a nice fiery kick their Kicker Snack Stix is going to do you right. Of course, for those looking for a little flare of sweetness, teriyaki or sweet heat bbq might be more your speed.

Fire Creek Snacks Stix Sampler Pack comes in a few different sizes. You can go big and get their 80 Piece sampler or stick to their 12-Piece or 20-Piece sampler packs. They’re perfect for all-natural protein on the go. Whether you’re hiking, on a road trip or getting an early morning hike in, FireCreek Snacks travel well and require no refrigeration, and are just as satisfying no matter where you end up.

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