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Fireside Outdoor Popup Pit | RY Outfitters Spotlight


Fireside Outdoor Popup Pit

Fireside Outdoor’s Popup is a portable modular fire pit designed to give you a safe place to make a fire in the outdoors while leaving as little trace as possible and even meets federal fire pan regulations. There are only a few parts including the stand, fire mesh, and fire guards and assembly takes less than a minute. It comes with fire guards to keep the embers contained and has a mesh bottom to allow for maximum airflow and an even burn. The mesh is even designed to be able to release heat faster than it builds to prevent the mesh from melting or getting too hot and cools in about 90 seconds. The Popup Pit can hold a hefty amount of wood, up to 125 lbs and is Rust-free as an added bonus. Not only does it come with a convenient carrying case but, its modular construction allows for different accessories you can get to enhance your popup pit. If you’re looking for an incredible firepit that sets up in seconds and will help you minimize your impact when exploring the outdoors Fireside Outdoor’s Popup Pit is a great option.

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