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FitKyt Ultimate Yoga Pack

FitKyt’s Ultimate Yoga Pack offers everything you could possibly need to get the most out of your yoga practice with a matching, clean aesthetic, and eco-friendly design as an added bonus. This pack comes with a Cork Yoga Mat, Cork/wood Yoga Wheel, 2 Cork Yoga Blocks, a yoga strap, Yoga at Cleanser, and a scented candle to help give your practice that extra zen. The cork provides a perfect cushion and grip to stay centered. Environmentally-consciousness is a big part of what FitKyt is all about, hence the cork mat, blocks, and yoga wheel. On top of being an incredibly functional and environmentally-conscious option, it also gives their products a really clean and natural look. If you’re just getting into Yoga Fit Kyt’s ultimate Yoga Pack really has absolutely everything you need to get started or upgrade your current yoga setup

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