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FitMyFoot makes custom insoles that fit your feet like a glove, guaranteed. The sole purpose behind their products is to bring you maximum comfort and support with custom footwear. They were  built by a team of experts in biomechanics, software development, and business who were fed up with the crappy one-shape-fits-all mentality that so many footwear companies take.

Getting comfortable custom insoles made for your unique feet can be a hassle. Between finding a doctor, scheduling an appointment, dealing with masks and restrictions, and the overpriced insoles – it doesn’t feel worth the hassle. Wouldn’t it be simple and convenient to have the ability to order custom insolves your smartphone? After all, feet come in all shapes and sizes.
With FitMyFoot, they are taking your foot wellness to a whole new level. Their medical grade insoles, flip-flops and slides are clinically proven to increase stability, reduce pain, and improve comfort. The magic is in the “foot science,” which includes a mix of biomechanics, more than 12-million data points of real feet (that’s a lot of feet), and the latest in 3D-printing technology to create footwear that is clinically proven to reduce pain.
FitMyFoot is dedicated to reducing their customer’s pain with their FitMyFoot Comfort Plus Insoles. These insoles are clinically proven to combat plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee, hip and back pain. 99% of their customers report to have improved support and comfort with these insoles.

Unlike other orthotics or off-the-shelf insoles, FitMyFoot is customized to you. The dynamic custom arch provides the perfect support to flexibility ratio. They allow a natural, healthy range of motion in your unique foot and ankle. That means more cushion where you need it and less where you don’t. Your heel, arch, and forefoot get exactly what they need when it comes to cushion, support, and flexibility. Plus, the shock-absorbing heel cushion helps to stabilize and align your foot and ankle.

FitMyFoot has gotten every detail right in these custom insoles, even down to sweat. First, the insoles are made from waterproof foam and then the moisture-wicking top layer adds a touch of spring without adding excessive bulk to your shoes. 

It’s time you stop relying on off-the-shelf flimsy insoles for support and performance. Your feet deserve better especially when you can get custom comfort made from your smartphone. So if you’re ready to have custom made insoles with the latest in foot wellness technology, FitMyFoot is exactly what you need.

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