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$250 digital gift card from Handful Activewear

Women owned and operated, Handful makes comfortable and versatile activewear to support you! Whether you are running miles or running errands we've got you covered. Wake up to wind down, wear handful. All Day. Every Way.

2 pairs of Revo Polarized Sunglasses

Founded in 1985, Revo is the leader in polarized lens technology. Revo sunglasses were first created by utilizing lens technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites. Now, 35 years later, Revo continues to build on its rich tradition of technology and innovation by offering the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized eyewear in the world.

2 1-Year Unlimited Memberships to YogaDownload (1 for you and 1 to gift!) $250 value

YogaDownload is an online platform that gives you unlimited access to over 2,400 exclusive classes from the world’s top yoga instructors. Since 2006, we've been offering online classes to happy yogis from all over the world. We look forward to having you join us and our growing community of over 250,000 members.

Women's G-Vest+ From OMORPHO

G-Vest+ is the first weighted vest designed specifically for a woman's body, giving a you perfect fit and full range of motion for any workout. The added weight from individual stainless steel G-Spheres raises the challenge (and gains) of your workout, but spreading the weight naturally across your body makes it feel lighter than its 5 pounds.

One (1) Clean 21 Cleanse Program

Clean is a health & wellness brand whose goal is to help create achievable long-lasting health using ancient and modern wellness tools. Developed by Dr. Alejandro Junger as an extension of his medical practice, our flagship programs, Clean 7 and Clean 21 provide a comprehensive nutrition profile that supports the body’s natural process of removing toxins, improves gut health, and lowers inflammation. Our programs also help undo bad dietary habits, unveil hidden food sensitivities, and build a healthy eating base for enduring wellness.

$300 digital gift card from Intelligent Elixirs Skincare

Clean, clinically driven, cruelty-free The founders have extensive experience creating products for the professional market; plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians. After years in the industry they recognized the growing movement for quality skincare products that were more accessible and easy to use, with clean formulations that nourish and foster healthy skin.

Stress and Pain Relief CBD Bundle

Mendi is a female-owned brand reimagining plant-based CBD wellness products for active and health-conscience individuals. Our all-natural solutions are designed to deliver better sleep, reduce pain, reduce stress and fight fatigue. Our products are the building blocks of full body recovery, to be conveniently used as part of any everyday wellness routine.

$250 gift card for any combination of Pro-Tec products!

Since 1991 Pro-Tec Athletics has led the way in designing specialized support and massage therapy products to help you recover, restore, and perform your best. It is our commitment to remain the leader in both product innovation and customer service to support your active and healthy lifestyle wherever your goals may take you.

Over 140 delicious NewGem Wraps (28 packages), plus 2 hats and 2 reusable shopping bags

Elevate sandwich flavors, not calories.  NewGem® created the fruit and vegetable wrap category to let people enjoy delicious sandwiches and wraps again while avoiding most of the calories and carbs in bread and tortillas.  A cassava flour tortilla is a tortilla, an almond flour tortilla is a tortilla, and a tomato tortilla is a red tortilla, it is not tomato. NewGem tomato wraps are made from tomatoes, carrot wraps from carrots, etc. Many flavors to choose from! - 25 to 45 calories - 2g to 6g net carbs - Gluten-free - A serving of fruit/vegetable

$300 worth of Longevity Labs supplements

Mode + Method was founded by Longevity Labs , inc. with a focus on human performance and self-optimization. Developed alongside leading health researchers and sports scientists, Mode + Method offers premium, third-party tested supplements that are unique to the space. Whether in the gym or in the office, Mode + Method offers our customers a natural way to enhance their overall performance, recovery, and long-term health.

CENTR Enhanced Prize Pack ($250 value)

CENTR ENHANCED is a super-refreshing new sparkling water that’s packed with nootropics and other natural ingredients to enhance cognitive function and boost mood. With CENTR's delicious, effective blend of adaptogens and nootropics, people can easily find their CENTR with or without natural caffeine.

$250 Gift Card to Any Brand of Your Choice

The GIST is a women-founded sports media brand that's shaking up the male-dominated sports industry. We are reinventing the dialogue around sports by providing progressive and entertaining sports news with equal coverage to women's and men's sports. We'll be sending you $250 to ANY brand of your choice. A yoga membership? New gear? New shoes? ✨You deserve it ✨

Body Botanicals Package from Kuumba Made

Enjoy this abundant collection of herbalist-formulated skincare infused with the finest organic and wildcrafted ingredients and exquisite fragrance oils that are clean, long-lasting, vegan, and always handmade with love in small batches. This beautiful package includes a variety of our bestselling products.

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