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The top of the line Red Light Therapy Mat

The Mito Red Light Full Body Mat is one-of-a-kind. The Mat's unique triple-chip diode contains one 660nm, 810nm and 830nm chip. This means you get 1,280 LED diodes with an incredible 3,740 LED chips total! (33% red and 67% NIR). Perfect for red light therapy at home or on the go!

Spray Your Way to Better Health Bundle ($456 value)

Sprayology, an all natural US company has been helping people feel better naturally for 22 years. Our products spray in your mouth, work and we guarantee effectiveness. Did you know the absorption rate for pills is a measly 10%? Sprayology has found a natural solution with 90% absorption! Oral sprays are 3x more absorbent than pills, giving you faster, more effective results, without an upset stomach. Win this 12-Spray Gift Collection to explore their full line of holistic sprays, a marriage of science and time-honored homeopathic medicine in portable, easy-to-use bottles. You’re just one spray away from better health… naturally.

$600+ Natural Wellness Bundle

North American Herb and Spice believes nourishment from raw whole foods is the key to maintaining optimal health. From the remote mountains of the Mediterranean to the valleys of the Amazon rainforest, North American Herb and Spice sources the finest fruits, herbs, and spices in the world. The end result is the purest, most powerful spice extracts made from the best pesticide-free, chemical-free, and solvent-free ingredients.

Hydrate & Protect your skin with a prize pack worth $265 from Blue Heron Botanicals!

Prize includes a premium insulated water bottle, all our balms and a $100 voucher to our sustainable living online store. Blue Heron Botanicals has been making the most eco-friendly lip balm on the planet since 2018. Show your skin and the planet some love with our plastic free, zero waste, organic and vegan skin soothing balms. Migrate to wellness with Blue Heron Botanicals

Two Pair of JLab Epic Air Sport Earbuds

The Epic Air Sport ANC earbuds are the ultimate true-wireless experience for any fitness-loving audiophile with customized Lab Quality sound, smart active noise canceling, and an outstanding 70+ hours of playtime. With an IP66 sweatproof rating, they're built to withstand intense workouts, ensuring durability against sweat and dirt. Seamlessly transition from work to the gym with convenient features like wear-detect, Google Fast Pair, and wireless charging, and more!

Optishot Golf's Orbit Golf Simulator

The Orbit Golf simulator is a complete and portable golf simulator. For use both indoors and outdoors, Orbit delivers professional-grade swing and ball flight metrics. Play real world courses and dial in your swing on Orbit's virtual practice ranges.

A Plyobox + 25lb Urethane Dumbbells

At Titan, we believe everyone deserves access to premium products without the premium price to help achieve your goals. That’s why we’ve aligned our mission to reflect two things. First, to build reliable fitness equipment that withstands intense workouts. Second, to price our equipment realistically so that fitness is attainable for everyone. You shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage just to live a stronger, healthier life. While some companies compromise on quality to compete on a low-cost business model, other companies price themselves beyond the real world in hopes that customers will pay along and play along. We do neither. We provide premium products without the premium cost. Whether it’s a barbell or a power rack, we eliminate anything that stands in the way of your experience becoming a healthier, fitter you.

2 Kannasseur Bundles: Includes 2 boxes of Kanna Chews (20 doses) + 2 bottles of Kanna Tincture (~60 doses) + keepsake bag.

Kanna has been clinically proven to activate an immediate sense of grounded energy, helping people feel more alive, connected and capable as they navigate everyday stress*. The effect is subtle yet felt, and does not impact sobriety. With KA!’s patent-pending formulation, you get the world’s best Kanna supplements to support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing—bringing both immediate and long-term benefits to your entire system.

A $250 gift-card to Golden Monk

Golden Monk guides you in embracing life’s challenges mindfully, flowing harmoniously through its twists and turns. With a blend of ancient practices and modern innovation, we invite you to balance life’s paradoxes and embrace the full spectrum of serenity.

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