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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: #108 Fitplan – Train with the World’s Top Trainers. Co-Founder Cam Speck Sharing His Story

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Looking for a new regiment to get your sweat on?

Join Fitplan and get the perfect workout created by some of the top influencers and athletes out there!

To find out more behind how Fitplan got its start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews Fitplan co-founder, Cam Speck

More about the episode…

Josh sits down with Fitplan co-founder Cam Speck. Fitplan is app bridging those looking to pursue a healthy lifestyle both of body and mind, by providing hundreds of workouts created by countless successful influencers and athletes with years of experience. Co-founders Cam and Landon began this journey of creating Fitplan in 2014, both having spent their entire professional career pursuing their best selves through fitness. Through creating an ecosystem to unite influencers they have successfully cultivated the ultimate hub for those passionate about fitness and who want to pursue the best version of themselves.

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Show Notes

  • What is Fitplan?
    • “We’re a mobile app that you can find and follow the exact training methods of world class athletes and influencers…”
  • Where did this idea come from?
    • “It started as a personal passion. My partner and I, we were always fitness enthusiasts growing up. We got into fitness for different reasons but it was something that stayed consistent with us throughout the years of our past careers. For myself having a consistent fitness and nutrition routine has helped me perform at my best and as I moved through my career I really found that helping people live their life through health and fitness was the foundation for my purpose…”
  • How did you come up with the idea of having professional athletes come together to share their routines?
    • “We originally just wanted to develop a piece of software that could give anybody a workout plan and a meal plan based on their goals. As we saw the interested in social media in the later parts of 2014 and the early parts of 2015, we started to get interested in that social influencer space. Obviously the adoption of social media right around that time became huge…we really saw something there…”
  • How did you fund and build Fitplan?
    • “We were bootstrapped for a while. We recently received some BC funding but up until then we’ve done a few small rounds but, it was more or less me and my partner working out of the basement of a home, your typical startup story. We had a large vision of colliding these social influencers with their audience and allow their audience to follow their workout plans…In the beginning, it was very tough to get in the ear of these influencers because we had no business, we had no product, we had a vision. The one thing that my partner and I did very well was we were very persistent. We never stopped working and developing the product even if we got a million ‘no’s’ from these influencers like we did in the beginning…”


  • Did you or Landon have a programing background?
    • “Neither of us have a programming background. For me, I’m heavily focused on the content side, so I have a nutrition and fitness background. I’ve been developing workout plans and meal plans for people for over nine years. Landon, has an interface design background so he was always dabbling around with app interfaces and developing little apps for music festivals and bars… he’s got more of the technical background but both of us are on the front end of stuff…”
  • Did your partnership with Michelle Lewin help your growth build exponentially?
    • “It was still a slow growth because when we signed Michelle we still weren’t launched, we just had a bit of a prototype. In all honesty, when we went to launch the prototype and got some technical advice on the backend, the server, and all that sort of stuff, what we were told was it wasn’t good enough if we went to launch it would blow up… At the time we were ready to launch we had four influencers, Michelle was one of them, and we basically had to redevelop the app from the ground up…”
  • What happened between the redevelopment and the launch of Fitplan?
    • “We were redeveloping the platform, we kept the prototype in beta so we could still pitch influencers, investors, and show people what we were doing. We were creating some really good video content that showcased some of the influencers we did have in a coming soon, trailer style… In the process of redeveloping the platform what we did was onboard more influencers, create more content, so that when we were ready to launch we had an abundance of workout programs and an abundance of content for people to engage in…”
  • Did you have any mentors throughout the journey of creating Fitplan?
    • “In our early stages, we were part of a wireless accelerator called wavefront. It’s essentially an incubator… they give you a mentor and some access to some resources. We outgrew them quite fast, my partner and I tend to move pretty quickly… After graduating from Wavefront, Landon was a part of ACEtech where was a CEO group and I reached out to a mentor which is still a mentor and a couch today…”
  • What was Fitplans growth like from your start in 2014?
    • “We were really heavily focused on community and one of the biggest parts of our business is going after those individual influencers… Our vision, activating as many people into a movement routine around the world is something that we’re super motivated to do and to do that we knew it had to be the power of an ecosystem, something bigger than ourselves… We have 35 live fitness plans on Fitplan right now but, we’ve signed close to 50 influencers. We’re constantly on a weekly basis, shooting new content, new workout plans, onboarding new influencers, because we really want to target every vertical of fitness…”
  • Is there one or two particular marketing strategies that helped slingshot you forward with Fitplan?
    • “Our whole business is based off our social influence so, we partnered with these influencers with massive social audiences and utilize their efforts to help us build our community… every partnership that we’ve done with our athletes and influencers has been a 50/50 revenue share, so it’s a complete win-win…we’re providing this great business, this great platform, this great ecosystem, and they’re providing their engaged audience that wants to follow their plan…”


  • What’s been the hardest part about starting Fitplan?
    • “Being bootstrapped and not having the capital to really onboard incredible talent was a bit of a hurdle we had to overcome. In the early days, the dev. team that we could afford to hire were very junior and out of that, we had a very junior product, and a product that wasn’t good enough for market… looking back now I would want to raise more money sooner so we can onboard really good people and build something that was great right from the beginning…”
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?
    • “Some of the biggest mistakes was not believing we could onboard the biggest influencers right off the bat. I guess it stemmed from a little bit of lack of belief from ourselves… Looking back now, it wasn’t really about the product it was about the vision and the purpose around the company that attracted these people…”
  • What advice would you give someone that wanted to start a business?
    • “Know why you’re doing it. Really, really know why you’re doing it and then ask yourself five more times until it is something that just sparks this incredible fire under you that makes you so passionate and hungry to develop it that you will do whatever it takes. Those are the businesses that I feel really win… I really think that’s one of the biggest reasons why we are able to do what we do at Fitplan because, we have this crazy strong purpose around helping people live their best life through health and fitness…”
  • Where do you see Fitplan headed into the future?
    • “I definitely see us as the market leaders in the fitness space of video based workouts. We’re going to have a global community of like minded people living their best life through fitness, going through emotional, spiritual, and physical transformations. We see a lot of in-person events connecting our influencers to their audience live in person…”
  • What’s the best part about running Fitplan?
    • “I’ve said it a lot here in this podcast but, the best part about running Fitplan is being able to see the people we’ve touched and being able to see the success stories of our community members and the hurdles and obstacles that they are overcoming. We’re honestly developing other leaders by being leaders in this space and it’s amazing to see that, it’s like this ripple effect…”


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