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Floyd’s of Leadville Full Spectrum Softgel CBD Capsules | RY Outfitters Spotlight

Floyd’s of Leadville

Full Spectrum Softgel

Floyd’s of LeadVille was started by former professional Cyclist Floyd Landis as a result of him finding massive success in dealing with chronic pain and depression. Since adopting CBD into his daily routine he has seen better results than the many other supplements he’s tried. With that he dreamed up Floyd’s of LeadVille as a way to share his experience with CBD; Floyd’s now makes all sorts of CBD products ranging from tinctures and tonics to capsules and creams all aimed at helping with pain management and depression.

Not only are Floyd’s of LeadVille’s products made to be result driven, they’re also extremely careful about the quality of the ingredients that goes into their products, making sure they maintain control from seed to shelf. They even go as far as sharing their certified third-party lab results on the website for everyone to see.

The Highest Quality Ingredients &

The Most Dependable Results

Floyd’s Of LeadvIlle Full Spectrum

Softgel CBD Capsules

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