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#228 Flylow – From Duct-taped mountaineering gear to backcountry personified. Founder Dan Abrams Sharing His Story









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Born in the Backcountry

To find out more behind how Flylow got its start and what’s in store for the future, Matt interviews Flylow founder, Dan Abrams

More about the episode

Matt sits down with Flylow founder Dan Abrams. Any hardcore skier, especially the backcountry crowd will recognize Flylow as one of the bigger small guys in the ski industry. Flylow makes backcountry skiing apparel and recently started expanding their line digging into mountain biking as well.

Flylow started as an incredibly small company and has extremely humble beginnings but, in a lot of ways, Flylow helped set the stage for helping backcountry become more mainstream. Not just from the apparel side of things but, working with the ski community to help backcountry reach the center stage of the ski community.

In this episode, Dan shines the light on how Flylow developed from its very humble beginnings sharing a more detailed look at the nitty-gritty that goes into building a brand. He also shares a better look at how to stay nimble as a young company and, more importantly, how to build a community that people can proudly get behind.

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Show Notes/Timestamps:

  • 02:54 — Who are You? Who is Dan Abrams

  • 06:01 — What is FLY LOW?

  • 11:30 — When did you start officially producing Flylow gear? What was the process like?

  • 15:00 — “…We were the demographic, the 25-year-old ripper that is finding flaws in their gear, and they’re gonna create the next generation of clothing…”

  • 17:33 — What would you say was the biggest factor towards your success both from when you got started to pushing through the humble beginnings?

  • 18:38 — “After the first year of owning flylowtelemark.com we could see the writing on the wall that AT gear and backcountry skiing was going to blow up…”

  • 21:07 — “Every year I still kind of think of this in February. I have no debt, I have a bunch of money in the bank, and I could just walk away. But, then I think ‘What fun would that be?’”

  • 23:38 — Covid is pushing people towards the backcountry

  • 26:38 — Retail stores help tell the story

  • 30:19 — Has involvement in the film side of the ski industry played a big role in getting Flylow’s name out there?

  • 33:44 — Building the team with the right people who encapsulate the spirit of Flylow

  • 39:08 — “The older I get the more I realize cliches are just fact…It’s a tribe, it’s a community…”

  • 42:38 — What has been the hardest part of starting your business?

  • 44:49 — What are some of the biggest mistakes you have made you’ve made along your career

  • 46:40 — What advice would you give to someone that wanted to start a business?



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