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The Shirt Every Outdoorsman Needs

Just picture this. It’s the perfect, warm weather day and you’re heading out on the water. You get all your gear and head to the doc. At the doc, you proceed to lather on all the sunscreen and get that greasy feeling all over. And the worst part? Sunscreen makes you feel hotter and sweatier, and it requires you to reapply.

But the good news is that you can replace all the sunscreen hassle, skip the dreaded greasy lather with some innovative products from FORLOH. 100% made in the USA, FORLOH is proud to bring their customers high quality gear and clothing. Based in Whitefish Montana, FORLOH uses a “no-concessions” approach to product development and design, so outdoor enthusiasts can overcome the elements and forge deeper connections with the outdoors through its range of award-winning products. FORLOH strives, in everything they do, to create and innovate products that help us have a better connection to the great outdoors.

FORLOH has all the men’s, women’s, and kid’s gear that you could possibly need for your adventures. But, their Men’s SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt is one of the latest, most-innovative technical fabrics and designs available. This shirt is their ultimate warm-weather sun shirt and helps you stay cooler, dryer, odor free, and protected from the sun with its technical fabric and innovative hooded design.

So what makes this shirt so much better? It’s all about the brrr® Pro. It’s their new flagship cooling technology with cooling minerals actually built into the fibers of the shirt. This lab tested technology is proven to keep your skin temperature 3.5 degrees (more or less) cooler. And that’s both during and after rigorous outdoor activities. But that’s not all. brrr® Pro also promotes hyper-wicking. What does that even mean? It  expands the wicking properties of the fabric by over 300%, to dry your shirt in minutes. Mind officially blown.

Plus, the Men’s SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt offers a world-leading 900+ UPF rating! Which is just about the best kind of protection you can get from prolonged sun exposure! brrr® Pro isn’t the only cool feature in this shirt. They’ve also used their Polygiene® Stay Fresh antimicrobial and Odor Crunch scent control systems, to keep you fresher and less detectable to prey and humans.

The shirts 90/10 Polyester/Spandex so it’s elastic, lightweight, and strong. It’s breathable, it’s comfortable, and with the hood up, it covers all the areas that you want to have protection from the sun. It’s even been featured in Outside Magazine, Gear Junkie, and Petersen’s Hunting.

What FORLOH is saying is, you can opt out of the greasy sunscreen feeling and opt into this cool, super comfy hooded long sleeve shirt and be better protected and more comfortable. So before you head out on your next adventure, be sure to grab your own SolAir Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt from FORLOH and say goodbye to hot, greasy days on the boat and say hello to a breathable, comfortable fit for your next adventure.

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