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Geologie Personalized Men’s Skincare | RY Outfitters Spotlight

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Geologie Personalized Men’s Skincare

Geologie makes Personalized Skincare Sets for men that cater specifically to your needs and more importantly your skin’s needs. You start by taking a diagnostic questionnaire to help give some background on your skin’s sensitivity and what YOU need for healthier skin. The end result is a curated skincare box based on your own skincare needs plus, directions on what to use and when to use it.

Let’s face it, Skincare can be a really difficult world to navigate successfully for newcomers and veterans alike. Geologie makes it super easy to get into, easy to figure out, and easy to see the results you’re looking for. The way that Geologies Regimens work is they break it down into different # categories. Each regimen includes 2 bottles of face wash (one for the sink and another for the shower), one morning cream with SPF, one retinol-based night cream, and one eye cream. Plus, Each product in their various regimens is further personalized using their unique diagnostic experience. These regimens are simple, 2-step regimens for the morning and the evening that pack serious concentrations of clinically proven ingredients into each one. They don’t use any marketing ingredients and always list out the exact percentages of the key active ingredients throughout the regimen. 

If you’re looking to get into skincare and don’t know where to start Geologie was MADE for you but, even if you are a long-time skincare practitioner, they’re worth checking out. The level of detail to their products alone is amazing. No one size fits all format, they have what YOU and YOUR skin probably really need.

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