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Gnarly Nutrition Chocolate Gnarly Whey

For those looking for a protein powder that won’t mess with your stomach and tastes AMAZING, look no further. We were blown away by how much we enjoyed Gnarly Nutrition especially for how extensively committed they are to providing quality products with thoughtful ingredients. If you’re a mountain athlete that takes their sport seriously and want to maintain and fuel your body with quality supplements Gnarly Nutrition is a supplement brand you’re going to want to get more intimatedly acquainted with

Chocolate Gnarly Whey Highlights

  • NO Artificial Colors – Gnarly uses natural food colors extracted from plants, minerals, or other natural sources.

  • NO Artificial Flavors – Our flavors are not chemically synthesized, but naturally sourced.

  • NO Artificial Sweeteners – Our naturally occurring low calorie sweeteners, like stevia and monk fruit extract, provide amazing taste and enable you to regulate the carbohydrate intake that fits best with your lifestyle.

  • NO Soy or Gluten – Different diets work for different people. Therefore, we offer high-quality products for vegans and omnivores, and leave out common allergens and gut irritants like soy and gluten.

  • NO Synthetic Hormones – Our New Zealand, grass-fed cows are not treated with synthetic hormones like rBGH and rBST, which are given to conventionally raised (i.e. grain fed) dairy cows to increase milk production.

  • NO Antibiotics – Cows on conventional farms are given antibiotics to combat disease. Overuse of these antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. By sourcing our whey from grass-fed New Zealand cows, Gnarly is able to provide a clean, antibiotic-free product.

  • NO GMOs – There’s not enough evidence to determine the full impact of GMOs on humans and the environment, therefore Gnarly Nutrition chooses to source ingredients that are GMO-free.

Grab some Gnarly Nutrition Chocolate Gnarly Whey and fuel up!

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