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Goldens’ Cast Iron Kettlebells

Goldens’ Cast Iron are masters of cast iron craftsmanship making everything from workout equipment in all sorts of formats to grills and fire pits. They’re family-owned and started with the opening of Goldens’ Foundry in Columbus, Georgia in 1882. They are now entering the fifth generation and have been around for almost 140 years. Not only are their products American-made, but they’re also built to last for generations. The quality of their cast iron is seriously top-notch, mainly because they utilize the same production techniques to create massive cast iron parts for large national and international companies. In short, they have the experience to nearly perfect the art of iron craftsmanship

With all that in mind, their Kettlebells are no exception to their quality products and an incredibly versatile add-on to your fitness gear. They currently offer selections in weight from 8kg to 36kg (18-79LBS). They’re crafted to last a lifetime and finished clean welds and are smooth with no snags or rough edges and are far from crudely made. No sharp edges or burrs in the iron at all. Golden’s Cast Iron Kettlebells are designed with a wide handle to easily keep both hands firmly grasping one kettlebell. A smooth sand textured grip gives you a solid hold on the kettlebell without feeling like you’re wearing down your palms.

If you’re looking to expand your home gym, switch up your routine, or even break into fitness altogether Goldens’ Cast Iron kettlebells are absolutely worth checking out!

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Goldens’ Cast Iron Kettlebells

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