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Goose Feet Gear Down Pants and Socks

If you’re looking to stay warm and toasty when the temperature starts to drop t’s hard to pass up down garments. Goose Feet Gear makes ultralight custom handmade down gear from a hood to keep your brain from freezing to toasty down socks and everything in between. Goose Feet Gear makes sure that all of their products fit every single customer perfectly and, all of what they have to offer is made to order so there is no wasted resources or products collecting dust on shelves. Every piece of Goose Feet Gear is made for someone with the intent to use that product. More importantly, all of Goose Feet Gears’ products are the highest warmth to weight ratio on the market. If you’re looking to stay warm without adding pounds to your pack, then Goose Feet Gear is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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