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GoSun Sport Solar Oven | RY Outfitters First Look

GoSun Sport Solar Oven

The Go Sun Sport is a solar-powered oven that relies solely on the sun to cook food and boil water. No sticks or twigs, No gas, just that sweet sunshine! This extremely portable stove is perfect for anyone looking to simplify their camping experience. It only ways 7lbs and not needing to worry about fuel is pretty phenomenal plus, you can operate this solar stove during cloud cover as well. Its vacuum tube is double insulated and traps heat perfectly to deliver fully cooked, delicious meals regardless of the weather outside. It can fully finish a meal in about 20 minutes, has a max temperature of 550 degrees, and can cook about 2-3 meals per load. If you’re looking for a simple way to cook grub in the backcountry without having to worry about fuel then GoSun’s Sport Solar Oven could be an incredible addition to your camping setup.

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