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GrassRacks Moloka‘i Series Ski & Snowboard Rack | RY Outfitters First Look


GrassRacks Moloka‘i Series Ski & Snowboard Rack

The Moloka’i Series ski Rack is a high-quality, sturdy, gorgeous wooden rack to proudly and safely display your gear. There are 4 different Racks in the Moloka’i Series ranging in capacity from 1 board to 4. This rack works by using GrassRack’s proprietary mounting bar system which makes installation super quick and is super strong. It also allows cradles to be adjustable so you can change the width to accommodate bindings, skate trucks, etc., and gentle rock your skis and snowboard like a new board baby. Not only does this rack avoid compressing skis together but, it also can be taken down if you put away your ski gear for the season and want to open up some space. The Moloka’i ski/snowboard rack takes only minutes to install/assemble and is available in Bamboo and Birch If you’re looking for the perfect system to display and store your gear then GrassRacks is definitely worth checking out!

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