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Halo Sport Organic Hydration

Halo makes organic hydration designed to keep you in that sweet spot to help you perform physically, but also make sure you’re mentally sharp. They’re basically a healthier Gatorade that promotes hydration as a lifestyle thing over solely performance.  You don’t need to be about to head into a grueling workout to worry about your hydration, being hydrated can be a big player in your mental clarity and that’s something halo is pretty committed to helping.  The electrolytes in Halo are naturally occurring and are sourced from the Great Salt Lake of Utah to deliver bio-available, efficient hydration formulated with sea salt, zinc, magnesium, and potassium. Everything in there is also certified organic and does have low sodium and also are a great source of vitamin C to boot. Halo re-mineralizes their water to deliver a full spectrum of 72 ionic trace minerals made by Mother Nature helping ensure you avoid mineral deficiency. If you’re looking for a convenient grab-and-go option that tastes great and has everything you need to stay hydrated then you should definitely check out Halo Hydration.

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