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Healthy Roots Hemp Root Butter CBD Muscle Rub | RY Outfitters First Look

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Root Butter CBD Muscle Rub

Healthy Root’s Root Butter Muscle Rub is an incredible muscle rub for everyday use for any aches and pains that come your way. Health Root’s Root butter contains 500 mg of Full Spectrum CBD that’s blended and is blended with other supporting and essential oils to deliver a great smelling and effective product. The Root Butter CBD Muscle Rub is quick activating, rubs in, and absorbs super quickly in about 5-10 minutes. Plus, it’s not at all and has a fluffy whipped texture so it’s nice and smooth. It’s rosemary lavender scented to add a relaxing sensory element to this muscle rub

Healthy Roots Root Butter is the perfect thing to keep on hand, in your bathroom cabinet just in case you get some aches and pains from a long day or a workout. Plus, it’s great to have if you’re standing at a desk all day to relieve some tension in your neck and shoulders. If you’ve got a standing desk it might be something to think about keeping with you. 

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