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The RY Outfitters Podcast EP: 33 – Hidden Collective – Changing the way outdoor goods are discovered & sold – Founder Tyler Matzke Sharing His Story

Hidden Collective

Tired of getting gear from the same old brands?

Head to Hidden Collective and discover stories and gear from +70 outdoor Makers

To find out more behind how Hidden Collective got its start and what’s in store for the future, Josh interviews Hidden Collective founder, Tyler Matzke

More about the episode…

Josh sits down with Hidden Collective founder Tyler Matzke. Hidden Collective, headquartered in New Hampshire is a community that tells the stories behind boutique outdoor sport brands or “makers.” Through their marketplace, they hope to showcase new and interesting brands while offering a wider variety of options for their customers while providing more substance and background on the brands available. Think big, buy small, and let Hidden Collective connect you to your new favorite outdoor gear.

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Show Notes

  • What is Hidden Collective all about?
    • “I would say one of the best thing we’ve ever been called is ‘the farm stand of outdoor sports.’ Our mission here at Hidden Collective is to showcase some of the smaller brands in the outdoor sport industry…”
  • How did Hidden Collective get started?
    • “…I always appreciated buying handmade surfboards and connecting to the shaper that I was purchasing from and it kind of dawned on me as I was working in this major retail shelf; Why is everything made in China when there’s so much pride and joy when you connect to what you buy?…”
  • How do you help people connect with these makers?
    • “First It’s my job to go through the internet and search for these obscure brands that I’ve never heard of…we’re a community for all like minded brands and makers as well as a community for consumers who are really focuses on that…”
  • How did you build up your original idea?
    • “I actually think I’ve really stayed true to what I wanted to do in the beginning. We don’t really ask a large margin from our makers and that’s something that I’ve really had to sell to people at first, because I really wanted this community to be true…”
  • How does your team operate?
    • “We kind of split up tasks, I really believe in building a team that helps build up your weaknesses…”
  • How did you meet these guys?
    • “Nate, me and him used to be big time climbing buddies…we’d always dream about starting a business and his background is in graphic design… My cousin Connor, I hadn’t seen him in years and was just graduating college with a programming background so I told him about my idea and he jumped right on board. The last two, David and Todd, I went to highschool with Dave a while back and when I was home visiting and I told him about how I just started Hidden Collective. The next day he showed up with Todd…”
  • What’s something that people may not know about with Hidden Collective?
    • “I think the next phase of Hidden Collective is building up our relationships. I don’t think of 70 brands I think of 70 friends, these people put their trust in me when I was just getting started…what I think makes us unique is the community we’re trying to build around it…”

  • Have you had any mentors that helped you build Hidden Collective?
    • “In my years working for Eastern Mountain Sports, I had a amazing opportunities working for their corporate office there and we all became buddies. Pete Kearns, Paul Leonard, and Brandon Kroeger, those three guys have been majorly influential in my personal growth but even more so with my confidence in Hidden Collective…”
  • What was the biggest take away from work at Eastern Mountain Sports?
    • “The biggest takeaway is just how fun the outdoor industry is…they’re such good people and they made me realize work could be fun…”
  • What makes a maker a perfect fit for Hidden Collective?
    • “I have a set of values that are important to me but I also feel it’s necessary to tell everyone’s story… It’s got to be something unique, it’s got to be something I’ve never heard of…”
  • What has been your biggest success story with building Hidden Collective?
    • “The fact that I have 70 brands within a year, speaks to me that I’m in the culture I love. I’m so proud that I had 70 brands put their faith in me…as a surfer, I have to say, the fact that Gerry Lopez saw it as a valuable thing for the outdoor sport industry…I couldn’t be more happy that such a legend wanted to be apart of what we’re doing…”
  • What would you say has been one of the hardest parts about starting Hidden Collective?
    • “For all 70 brands we’ve had I’ve had 700 turn me down…It’s a crazy roller coaster doing this and it’s definitely a challenge to just keep trudging…”
  • What is one of your biggest fears with Hidden Collective?
    • “My biggest fear is failing…I truly believe RY Outfitters and Hidden Collective are ahead of the curve and ahead of the times…I know we are doing the right thing for the right people at the right time but, we don’t have the big bucks to make it work…”
  • What would you say have been some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?
    • “Sadly, I’ve wasted a lot of money…I think it’s just like any entrepreneur, I don’t get hung up on it and I’m very passionate about what I want to do…”
  • What advice would you give someone that wants to start a business?
    • “I really want to emphasis building an amazing team. The best thing I ever did and the best advice I could give anyone is just surround yourself with a good team and put faith in them…”
  • Where do you see Hidden Collective heading into the future?
    • “I want Hidden Collective to be as big as Backcountry.com. I want it to have hundreds of makes in each category…When you’re on Hidden Collective you’re legit and we want the community to see you. I want the customers to have that transparency and that many options. I don’t want to limit people…”


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