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3-layers system by Graphene-X:
The winner of this giveaway will get a Layer-X shirt (first layer), a GRAnaREC mid-layer, and the crown jewel of the company, the Alpha Series II 3L jacket.

At Graphene-X we produce high-performance tech gear built with the strongest material on earth to perform flawlessly from urban escapes to the wildest outdoor adventures and everything in between.

$500 Digital Gift Card from Outdoor Gear Exchange

Love getting outside? Us too. With our huge selection of outdoor gear and apparel from the best brands in the industry, plus our staff’s expert advice and renowned customer service, Outdoor Gear Exchange has been the northeast’s premier gear destination since 1995.

All-new Aircontact Core

The all-new Aircontact Core takes deuter’s legendary comfort and sustainability even further down the trail. Constructed with lightweight, recycled, bluesign® fabric the Aircontact Core remains a thru-hiker’s dream. The Vari-Slide adjustment system and new Air Spacer Mesh makes the pack fit perfectly and breathe better than ever for long miles on the trail.

deuter produces German engineered with quality, durability, sustainability and uncompromised carry comfort since 1898.

$199 Spider Venom from Spider Grills
$49 Venom Lithium Battery
$139 Weber 22″ Kettle Grill

The Spider Venom is a state-of-the-art temperature controller for Weber Kettle Grills. With Wi-Fi connect-ability, you can take control of your cooks like never before, right from your phone. And the best part, there are no modifications required to your grill!

Richardson Leather Patch hat, T-shirt, hoodie and $100 gift card to Full Boar BBQ

Full Boar BBQ is a Championship BBQ Competition Team. Through years of competition we have developed not only a depth of flavor that is unmatched, but made it accessible to everyone. Our sauces and seasonings stand up against the competition yet have the versatility for every day kitchen use.

ONE CASE OF ONE LESS CBD – 6 JARS (Total value of $359)

One Less CBD was created with one purpose in mind: To facilitate productive living through the thoughtful merging of CBD with traditional ingredients into a powerful topical cream.

We offer an alternative and complementary option for those struggling with pain, inflammation, soreness, discomfort, or injury.

What we don’t believe in is magic cure-alls. We believe that together, time-tested ingredients and emerging CBD science offer a powerful option for those in need.

Custom 850fp Enlightened Equipment Quilt

Enlightened Equipment is driven by a passion for making ultralight outdoor gear that goes wherever you go. Our philosophy is to be smarter and lighter, focusing on quality and eliminating extra features so you carry only what you need. Our team is dedicated and proud to offer high quality products that are the result of endless tinkering, modifying, and updating. We provide handmade custom, and ready to ship gear to enlighten all your adventures, and help you experience all the wild places of our amazing world. It is our hope that our ultralight gear will allow everyone the opportunity and freedom to explore the great outdoors no matter the obstacle. You can go further, while carrying less with Enlightened Equipment!

$250 Digital Gift Card from Bushka’s Kitchen

Ridiculously good dried meals for the adventurous soul. Delicious · Lightweight · Nutritious. Ready to eat in 3 minutes or less!

800ml Water Bottle – $80
3pcs Camping Cookware Set – $75
3pcs Cutlery Set – $22
Alcohol Stove & Windshield – $45
220ml Hip Flask – $45

Founded in 2018, SilverAnt is dedicated to creating ultralight titanium outdoor products that are built for a lifetime of adventures. We use titanium for its strength and lightweight properties. Titanium is built to endure all the elements and make your rucksack that little bit lighter! Upgrade your camping and hiking gear with an ultralight alternative.

2 Roving Blue O-Pens! The Worlds Most Advanced Pocket Water Purifier

Founded in 2014, Roving Blue is the leader in advanced portable ozone water purification technology. The Roving Blue O-Pen is the world’s first pocket water purification device with the “Power of EO3” electrolytic ozone generator. It not only make clean water, it makes “water that cleans”, it has disinfectant-like properties so you can use the water to rinse cuts and scrapes, purify your water bottles and bladders,, too. More powerful than chlorine, dissolved ozone quickly reverts to ordinary oxygen, leaving nothing behind but a fresh, clean taste.

FORLOH SolAir Warm-Weather Outfit

Stay cooler, dryer, odor free and protected from the sun with FORLOH’s SolAir collection. 100% Made in the USA, from thread to garment, this collection of a SolAir lightweight short, short sleeve shirt, and hooded long sleeve, is the perfect outfit for hiking, camping, or any outdoor pursuit where you’ll be on the move.

($249 value). As seen on the “LOST” TV series, the TEKNA® Wilderness Edge™ is the ultimate survival knife and kit. It includes everything you need to catch and prepare food, start a fire, find your way, see in the dark and signal for help.

Tektite Industries, Inc. manufactures and distributes the most rugged products in the Outdoor, Industrial, Public Safety and Military markets including LED flashlights, LED replacement bulbs, HID lights, dive lights, strobes, signaling lights and knives.

$100 Digital Gift Card from Woodey.com

Woodey is a California based company that specialises in producing wooden sunglasses. We have a simple mission to educate others about nature and inspire you to take a slight step toward sustainability and zero waste movement. We want to be a daily reminder that our planet is a gift for humanity and that we can create unique products without polluting our planet.


Win two free nights of camping in style (glamping) with Tentrr! Less roughing it. More enjoying it. Tentrr is a better way to camp.

Tentrr’s fully equipped, ready-to-go campsites are the newest way to experience the great outdoors. Spacious canvas wall tents come with a comfortable queen size memory foam bed for a good night’s sleep, Adirondack chairs for optimal stargazing and a fire pit to keep you warm (don’t forget to bring marshmallows). We take the hassle out of camping. All you bring is your food (and drinks) blanket, sheets and pillows, we take care of the rest. Tentrr is a better way to camp


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