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Hiking Gear – Best Hiking Gear 2020

Hiking is the most accessible outdoor activity, and is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. The simplicity of being in nature is combined with the physical and mental benefits of exercise to make it a win-win combination.  With millions of miles of trails out there to explore, the most difficult part of hiking is choosing where to start.  We love hiking too and have compiled a list of the best hiking gear of 2020. These are items that make hiking more safe, enjoyable, and memorable. See you out on the trails! 

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Flying Squirrel Outfitters

Whether you are enjoying a trailside nape, or celebrating the completion of a long hike, do it in comfort with a hammock from Flying Squirrel Outfitters.  Their high quality hammocks come in a variety of colors and sizes that fit your fancy.  Flying Squirrel makes all their products in Thailand, where they hand sew every bag and hammock, promoting fair and safe working opportunities for women.  We added their amazing hammocks to the list of the best hiking gear for 2020, and you should add it to your next shopping list.  

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Roman Trail Outfitters

Ancient Roman soldiers had to travel many hundreds of miles, all made possible by their world class roads.  These highways were the cutting edge for the time, and were created by their supreme engineering skills.  The same attention to craftsmanship and design can be found in the brand Roman Trail Outfitters, which is why they are some of the best hiking gear for 2020.  From merino wool shirts to headlamps, Roman Trail Outfitters will equip you with the essentials to make your camping excursion successful and memorable.  

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Outdoor Element

Upgrade your camping gear with Outdoor Element, and brave the winter cold with their awesome products.  While they make a wide range of quality outdoor tools, their most popular is the Firebiner.  The utility of a normal carabiner is upgraded by multifunction additions such as a bottle opener, screwdriver bit and blade.  However, the secret weapon is a special part that creates sparks.  When it comes to being prepared for any scenario, fire is vital, so this is a list topper for the best of hiking gear 2020.

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Lems Trailhead Shoe

Hikers are their own off-road vehicles, and their footwear is the equivalent to the burly tires. A proper pair of hiking shoes or boots will go unnoticed on your trip, quietly doing their job while you experience the beautiful scenery around you. The wrong shoes will get your trip, well, off on the wrong foot.  Lems is all about performance while allowing the foot to act naturally.  They make their shoes to take advantage of the foot’s natural mechanical features and designs. A wide toe box allows for the toes to naturally spread out and stabilize the foot, and a low to the ground heel makes for a natural footstrike.  This revised 2.0 pair is an easy pick for the best hiking gear of 2020, and your feet will thank you for choosing them. 

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Level Gear

From apparel to hydration and anything else you might want on your next camping outing, head to Level Gear.  Our favorite product is the waterproof backpack, which is perfect for camping in all weather, and will keep your belongings dry and secure.  

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TRUCK Gloves

Winter camping is an adventure in a class of its own.  Cold temperatures make campfires so much more enjoyable, and snowy landscapes make for absolutely stunning backdrops.  However, it provides its own set of challenges as it can be hard to light a fire or snap a photo when your hands are frozen, or stuffed into unnecessarily large mittens.  Improve your next winter camping trip with TRUCK Gloves, and there will be no going back.  Made with high quality materials such as goat leather and carefully stitched, and then tested in Utah, these gloves are sure to be a winter camping game changer.  

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Livsn Designs 

Sustainable, comfortable, and durable are the hallmarks of Livsn Designs.  Their flagship product, the flex canvas pants, are meant to go from the campsite to cafe with stylish looks but uncompromising performance.  Organic and recycled materials mean that these pants are easy on Mother Earth, but tough and thoughtful construction means you don’t have to go easy on them.  Having just to pack one pair of amazing pants will improve and simplify your next camping trip. 

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Cumulus Sleeping-Bags

Deriving their name from the cotton-ball shaped clouds, and taking the same light and puffy qualities, these sleeping bags will change the way you sleep while camping.  Down feather insulation means you stay warm all night long, and superior construction makes the bags highly packable and portable.  If you have ever had a cold night’s sleep or have had to lug a monstrous and ancient flannel sleeping bag around, the time is right to improve your next camping trip with one of these bags.  

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The Phoozy 

Your camping adventures are a foray into mother nature, and expose you and your gear to the elements.  Your phone and other sensitive electronics aren’t as adaptable as you, as hot temperatures can shut a device down, while cold weather will drain a battery in no time at all.  With a Phoozy, you can combat the elements and keep your device charged and functional, no matter the weather.  

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Hiker Hunger Outfitters Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles 

Trekking poles are the secret to turning a tough hike into a piece of cake.  They provide stability, help you power uphill, and add extra security and cushion when descending.  The poles from Hiker Hunger are made of 100% carbon fiber, and weigh in at an astounding 7 ounces each! This minimal yet ultra-sturdy construction keeps your arms from fatiguing.  In addition, the poles come with a set of interchangeable tips that are suited for specific types of terrain.  Go the extra mile with these amazing poles, and you will see why they are on the list of the best hiking gear for 2020.  

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