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Hiking Tips for Beginners – What to Know

Ready to hit the hiking trail to explore and boost your health? Hiking increases your brainpower and is great for your lungs.Additionally, you can relieve stress and enjoy the natural scenery. Before you hit the trail, make sure that you’re ready for the hike. Jumpstart your hiking journey by following these steps:

RY Outfitters Hiking Guide For Beginners

1. Get Your Gear

Nothing ruins a hike faster than not having the right equipment. Invest in yourself and your feet with a pair of good hiking boots, or maybe even a special pair made for your specific type of hike. For example trail shoes, trail hikers, or mountain hikers. Also, if you’re hiking in the hot summer months, you’ll want to make sure you have proper water storage to keep it cool and refreshing. Most importantly though, consider taking a portable first aid kit if you’re going to a long distance, remote location or even just a short hike. The key to a successful hike is to always be prepared, and have fun of course!

2. Fuel Your Body

Your body needs a good, healthy meal before you start hiking. Eating a healthy breakfast will prepare your body for burning fat as fuel instead of muscle, which is quite useful on a long hike. A good breakfast will also give you energy and help prevent blurred vision or headaches that could cause you to feel tired or in pain. Eating a healthy breakfast is your foundation for feeling your best and having maximum energy on your hike.

3. Pace Yourself

You want to be sure that you’re walking at a pace that allows you to enjoy the scenery, but if you’re hiking for a long period of time, you want to be sure that you’re not just plodding along. To help avoid injuries, as well as to ensure a good time, consider using a hiking stick. It’ll help you maintain an even pace as you hike, have better footing in rough terrain, and make you looker cooler. Just saying.

4. Watch Your Step

Be sure to watch where you’re stepping. If you’re hiking on a busy trail, you’ll want to watch for holes or other obstacles you may encounter. Be sure to take your time, watch where your feet are landing, and enjoy the view. Remember, it’s not about rushing to get to the next one, it’s about living in the moment.

5. Protect Yourself

As you hike, you’ll want to wear protective clothing to help protect you from the sun. Sun protection clothing works by using either a fabric or a coating to reflect sunlight away from your skin. This helps to prevent sunburns, and also reduces the risk of skin cancer. Many items of clothing, such as a cap, pants, or a shirt, can have sun protection built into them. So get your gear!

6. Take Your Time

If you’re hiking with others, you may feel the need to rush in order to keep the group together. Resist the urge to rush and just take your time. Be sure to enjoy yourself, and always stop to take pictures. Enjoy the moment, and look around from time to time to really appreciate the scenery and beauty around you.

7. Watch Out for Wildlife

No matter where you’re hiking, you’re never alone. Hikers have been attacked by bears, moose, and deer and these types of animals can cause serious injury or death if they are startled and feel threatened. If you’re hiking in an area where you’ll be near larger wildlife, consider wearing brightly colored clothing, carrying a whistle or wearing a bell, which will help steer the wildlife in the opposite direction as you.

8. Get a Map

If you’re going to a hiking location that is new to you, make sure to get a map and know where you’re going. Without a map, you may get lost in the woods. Having a map may even keep you from having to take a longer route than necessary to get to your destination or help you take that longer route if that’s what you want.

9. Stay Hydrated

Just as you need to eat a healthy breakfast, you’ll also want to drink enough water to stay hydrated. On a hot summer day, you may need to carry a larger amount of water with you so get gear that allows you to bring the hydration that you need.

So join a group of your friends and try hiking as a way to satisfy your sense of adventure and boost your health. You never know, this could be the start of something incredible.

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