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How to find Deals on Micro Ski Brands

How to find Deals on Micro Ski Brands

As a startup ourselves, we love to give shoutouts to up-and-coming brands who are killing it in the sports industry. In today’s snow sports marketplace, skis are like craft beers — new brands seem to keep popping up out of nowhere. Gone are the days when just a handful of giant ski companies dominated the market.

This got us thinking… What is the best way to save $$$$ on skis from the lesser-known brands?

That is where SlidelineSwap comes in. SLS is a marketplace where athletes can buy and sell gear. Not only can you pick up a great pair of skis on the cheap, you can also sell your current gear on the platform as well.

Below you will find a handful of deals on some of the smaller brands in the ski industry.

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1.  DPS

DPS skis are having a bit of a moment right now. Any mountain you go to, you’ll see a pair or two of their latest models. Pro skier and ski designer Stephan Drake and renowned ski engineer Peter Turner founded the company together back in 2005. They’re based out of Salt Lake City, and they’re on a mission to stay loyal to the those who live and breathe skiing. Party on.

2. Black Crows

Speaking of having a moment — we’ve got to talk about Black Crows. This independant company based out of Chamonix was founded in 2006, and right now their skis seem to be everywhere you look. Black Crows paints quite the romantic picture when it comes to their company’s mission. As they’ll tell you, the company was “born out of a desire to collide beauty and efficiency into skis,” and the founders of Black Crows firmly believe that “ski culture is a window to the world.” Now that’s a message we can get behind.

3. Icelantic

Have you ever seen prettier skis? Stoke levels were high at SidelineSwap the first time we saw a pair of Icelantic skis listed on our site — and our envy levels spiked for whoever the lucky buyer was who got to take a pair of these Denver-based beauties home at such a great price. All of the artwork  for Icelantic’s skis is designed by Travis Parr. The company’s guiding slogan — “return to nature” — is a beautiful reminder of why we love to ski, and call to action not to take for granted the natural environment that allows us to participate in such a great sport.

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4. Faction

Faction defines what it means to do what you love. The Faction Collective was formed over twelve years ago near Evian, France. In its first year of production, this group of self-described ski bums — who hailed from Australia, Switzerland, The U.S. and Canada — crafted 40 pairs of handmade skis with a concrete mission in mind: their skis had to be affordable, durable, and most importantly, fun. Today, Faction has one heck of a loyal following, and you can browse their skis right now on SidelineSwap.

5. 4FRNT Skis

Since 2002, 4FRNT has been at the helm of the indie-ski movement. Based out of Salt Lake City, UT, 4FRNT was founded by former professional skier Matt Sterbenz. 4FRNT is a privately owned company whose values are rooted in its employees’ passion for skiing. They prioritize authenticity and promote a love of the sport, something they never want to stray from. Sterbenz stepped down as head of the company in August of 2018, but the 4FRNT legacy lives on in the capable hands of Sterbenz’s business partner, Jason Levinthal — the founder of Line skis.

6. Moment

Based out of Nevada, Moment skis are handmade in the USA, by a dedicated group of self-described die-hard skiers. Moment is always on the cutting edge with the latest technologies to make sure they’re putting out the most state-of-the-art skis for a variety of disciplines. From AT, to park, to freestyle and freeride, Moment has a pair of skis to fit all of your needs. Just ask 2018 Olympic gold medalist David Wise, who made it to the top of the podium on a pair of Moments.  

7. Praxis

Praxis is another company who champions their handmade skis. They’re located in the Sierra Nevada, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. With the mountains in the backyard, Praxis is fueled by a passion for skiing and inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds their factory. One of Praxis’ mantras that guides their production is the commitment to “design skis that work for you” — the skier. These skis are handcrafted by skiers, for skiers, so you can be assured that your best interests are at heart when you opt for a pair of these beauties.

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