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HybridLight Atlas 600 Fire + NAV Headlamp

HybridLight makes highly functional flashlights, lanterns, and everything in between but, do it a little more than just provide light. Almost all of their lights have some kind of additional function most are able to act as portable mobile device chargers and many of their products are solar-powered!

Hybrid NAV 75 Lumen Headlamp is an incredibly versatile headlamp to help carry you safely through the night. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 hours when on its highest setting. The NAVs adjustable head can produce three LED colors (white, red, and green) as well as a red SOS strobe mode. It comes complete with a detachable headband as well as a hat clip so you don’t have to ditch your lucky hat!

HybridLight’s Atlas 600 Fire is the perfect option to have on hand when heading outside for a camping trip or even in an emergency. This durable lightweight 13oz lantern will give you more lighting than you’ll likely require while also serving as a mobile device charger. It has three different lighting intensities and a special mode designed to emulate a campfire (perfect for camping in places that restrict open flames). This lantern was designed to withstand adventure with a battery that lasts up to 100 hours. Headed out for some night kayaking? Not a problem, this lantern is waterproof and even floats to boot!

Get the ultimate illumination with

HybridLight’s Atlas 600 Fire Lantern + NAV Headlamp

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