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HybridLight Essentials Bundle

Whether you’re preparing for an emergency or simply want to shed light on your camping space, HybridLight’s Essentials Bundle offers an array of products designed to work tirelessly for you.

This bundle includes their NAV headlamp, PUC 150 expandable lantern, and the Journey 160 Flashlight.

NAV headlamp

For starters, this tiny, but powerful light, comes with a comfortable headband or you can attach it directly to a hat or a backpack with this hat clip. Weighing in at only 1 ounce and only 3.25” in size, this little light packs a serious punch. The NAV’s light has 3 LEDs, shining white, red, or green to help you keep your night vision when the night hits.

It also pivots a full 180°, pointing its 75 lumens anywhere you need it, which is super handy. Probably the handiest feature of this light is its switch lock mode. This helps stop the energy from draining accidentally in your gear bag or storage space, which is super common and major heartbreak when it happens. Lastly, the NAV’s rechargeable battery gives you 5 hours of lighting from one charge.

PUC Expandable Lantern

This super versatile solar lantern can collapse down into a flashlight giving you a more directed light. Built-in Solar panels make this a great emergency light to have on hand, though you can always plug it in using a micro USB cable if you need a quicker charge.

This lantern is brighter than the NAV, going to 150 lumens, and lasts for up to 40 hours, which is close to an entire weekend when you space out the usage for the daytime. Where this lantern goes above and beyond is that it has a USB port that can charge your mobile devices.

When collapsed, it is only 2” and only weighs 7oz and it has a collapsible metal hanger so you can suspend it from your tent, tree, or wherever! Plus, this thing is super durable and can take a serious beating and it’s water-resistant, for when you’re out in the elements.

Journey 160

To start this thing is fully waterproof – just in case, the elements reach it before you do! This solar-powered flashlight has a USB port for charging necessary mobile devices and a micro USB port for rapid charging like the PUC lantern.

The Journey 160’s intense LED shines for up to 30 hours on low beam and 8 hours on high. At only 6” in length and weighing only 4.5oz, this bright little light is easy to take with you anywhere from your junk drawer to your glove box, boat, or garage.

As far as preparedness and usefulness, HybridLights essentials bundle REALLY goes the distance. I guess the most incredible thing about these products and just about all of HybridLight’s products, is that they all have a double feature built in, so you can keep your pack light and be more prepared with less gear.

Everyone needs to see and if you’re looking to lighten your packs a bit and get more out of your tools HybridLight is definitely worth checking out.

Have A Light Tool Ready For Any Situation

With HybridLight’s Essentials Bundle

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