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HydroSwell ProLoco

If you’re doing longer intense workouts or activities this is going to help you stay fueled a little better than other hydration mixes with the help of added protein. It’s a combination of lean muscle-building protein, hydrating electrolytes, energizing vitamins all aimed at keeping you fueled, across the board. Like a smorgasbord of people fuel. Plus, ProLoco has 4 key ingredients and is non-GMO, zero sugar, gluten-free, and keto friendly, and is 32 calories per serving to boot. It’s great before, during, or after exercise or as a healthy snack. HydroSwells’ ProLoco is the perfect thing for any endurance athlete, anyone who wants a healthier snack option, anyone who could use an in-between for their hydration mixes and protein.

Stay Hydrated, Fueled, & Happy With

HydroSwell’s Pro Loco Hydration + Protein Mix

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