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ICEMULE Pro Insulated Backpack Cooler | RY Outfitters First Look



There’s nothing like grabbing a frosty beverage during a hike, a day at the beach, out biking, or even just to have on hand at the campsite. The ICEMULE Pro insulated backpack cooler makes it possible to take beverages with you on your journey while keeping them frost for an INSANELY longtime. The ICEMULE Pro’s insulation is SO effective that it keeps ice in its solid form for over 24 hours. Imagine a full day of hiking, you finally get to the top of the mountain, and after conquering that last step to the top you settle in, enjoy the view, and crack open an ice-cold beer to take it all in. The ICEMULE Pro is extremely lightweight on its own and even packs down fairly small so you can stow it easily without taking up a ton of space. Keep it in your car for last-minute trips to the beach! The ICEMULE is monumentally comfortable to carry and the backstrap system makes any trek with your beverages in tow an absolute delight. Grab yourself an ICEMULE Pro and be the hero of the group!

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