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Skin Care That Goes Below the Surface Level

Are you done with the drugstore skincare products messing with your skin and giving you undesirable results? Need a better skincare routine that is based in science to get you more vital and healthier skin? Today we are going to be talking about Immunocologie and how they’re supporting the planet while providing you with the ultimate skin care.

Driven with passion and necessity, Immunocologie is on a mission to improve skin health. Midway through Karen Ballou’s career as a beauty executive, master and celebrity esthetician, and educator, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As she underwent treatments for her cancer and chemotherapy, it took a toll on her skin. And as she battled back to health, she became increasingly passionate about skin immunity. That’s when Immunocologie was born. Built on the belief that the stronger skin is, the better it functions—vibrant, youthful, clear, and radiant.

Sustainability is also extremely important to Immunocologie. In addition to monitoring their carbon footprint, they make sure that each action has a regenerative impact—like replanting the fruits and plants they harvest.

Every formula loaded with minerals and vitamins developed to deliver nutrient-dense ingredients exactly where skin needs them. Balancing the microbiome, strengthening skin’s natural barrier, optimizing moisture levels. For Immunoologie, it’s all about science. It’s not just their belief that a strong skin defense system is the key to your healthiest glow. They also use biomimicry in their clay masks to replenish depleted minerals in a way that gets them exactly where they need to go, to do the most good for skin.

Having healthy skin that is vibrant and youthful doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. With Immunocologie, you can love the skin you’re in and love it to the fullest. Plus, get everything you need to give your skin a boost in immunity and bring back that youthful glow. If you’re ready to have the healthiest skin of your life, checkout Immunocologie today

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